Friday, March 12, 2010

TEEPEE pattern!!!

I am only to happy to share where I got the teepee pattern from  that I showed yesterday- it was really easy to make.
 here is the link.

I have been wanting one for ages and keep seeing them for $300 and was not about to pay that much. I came across this pattern after trying another one that was quite frankly crap.

As you can see I made a few adjustments to it as I was not loving the "artwork' on theirs- why is it often so bad on those home improvement shows- ... anyway I appliqued the front as you can see - it took longer to do this than the whole teepee.

I used calico, its really cheap $5/m. The hardest part was the sewing a huge item so make sure you do it on a big table.

I also skipped a few steps that I thought were uneccessary... because god forbid I ever follow a patttern to the letter - It makes me feel so restricted, stifled...fenced in... ( I am sure this is why I cannot bake- no room for skipping steps and not being precise, not when you are learning anyway?)

I didn't put elastic on the dowl or do any of step 6 or 7.  I just put the bamboos peices through the casings  and then got a peice of fabric to wrap around the top and tie in a knot- this keeps it together. Maybe if you have older kids or more than one child going in and out it may be worth doing that bit. But I just wanted to get it made and when they started talking about drilling holes... they lost me...

It needs adjusting - straightening and retying at the top -every week or so but that takes 2 mins. I got the bamboo locally from a mates place but you can get it at Bunnings- it looks nicer than the dowel I think. This is from the inside. Its quite big inside- I can get in- and Iit  reckon fits 3 kids comfortably, but 5 have giggled in their together.

I have sold a few to people that saw it before it was finished. I also thought you could use different fabric for the two front panels to make it look a bit more one of a kind.
Anyway, let me know how you go , I would love to see yours!!!


  1. I'm a bit of a loss at the between markets/working on paintings and I think this might be just the right sewing project for the weekend! Thanks for sharing and I'm glad that you sound so much chirpier than the other day :)

  2. Looks fantastic! I too have always wanted to get the kids one of these, but could never justify the cost...I'm gona have to give it a whirl, I saw a pattern recently & now I'm all inspired!

  3. Hellooo - beaut tee pee, cant wait till I one day have kids! Or make an adult sized one like Elsie recieved as a gift here :
    from her friend:

    It would be sooo cute to put outside in the garden too!nice work!

  4. you are the coolest EVER!!!
    (even if your kid can't swim..pffft)

  5. It's so great Cath. Love it. And I'm with you, totally not into following patterns, they just go ON and ON with their BORING DETAILS :)

    Been having trouble with comments recently but I read your swim post and had a laugh. Some mothers are just so smug and precious. Far better to be just an 'adequate' mum rather than a hovering, smug, annoying overbearing mum.

    PS My friend who took her boys to swimming lessons at 6 months says it was a waste of time, they're 8 and 10 now and petrified of the water so none of it stuck anyway.

  6. I'm beginning to suffer from crafty Mama guilt. My own kids rarely get anything these days. Love the teepee - just a matter of coming to grips with the bamboo being converted into swords (I'm living in a dream world if I think they won't!)...

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