Monday, April 05, 2010

Five faves

 I am joining  Pips Five Faves today:
2. How cool is this ( more here)

3. The heart pins- I love them but will not pay the equivalent of about $13 for them. as seen on Etsy. ( yes thanks to everyone who has emailed me - they don't have them at my local spotlight and I already have the flower ones)
4. I think I am going to do this.... but with coloured pencils ( image from flickr)

5. you have to admire the dedication of imagingermonkey
 Play along with Pip over here.


  1. Hi Cath! Re: the heart pins, I have bought some off trademe before, but not all those pretty colours, just pale pink. I've just had a look and the same girl still has a pack for sale, but they are white so you could colour them! Only $2.50nzd. You'd have to ask her if she'll post to Aus, but if not I'd be happy to get them for you and send them over!
    Here's the auction...


  2. I just bought a pack of heart pins at spotlight for $2!

  3. And I bought a pack there with flowers, marked down to $1.50! Same kind of colours with that pearlised finish. Quick! Run!

  4. Those pins are so cute! Look at all the Spotty tipsters. I will have to check it out now.
    I so want a sewing tattoo, I have it in my mind I just need the money in my pocket, but I think I should get the one for the kids first - bad mum putting craft first I think

  5. Nice ones. The paper styling is so clever - as are the gorgeous photos.

  6. oooh, love those scissors....

  7. oh nice finds! good trawling....

  8. Those paper sculptures are incredible!

  9. Hey Cath
    i have some pins but with round tops (not circles) all in a dusty pink shade
    i can send you a box as I dont really know how to incorporate them into my papercrafts (my intention haha)
    they were on sale at a linen/manchester shop so I bought two boxes....
    email me your addy and I'll pop some in the mail


what a nice person you are- taking the time to comment in this busy hectic world...Thank you!!