Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Leonies pincushion and mine arrived too

Some of you may remember this post, where Leonie and I decided to make each other pincushions after the Foxs Lane swap was finished. Well Leonie got in quick and made an amazing pincushion that was so fabulous I was completely overwelmed. But then went into panic mode... how can I make something as good as that? And so began the thinking and planning and sketching and waking up at 4am with a great idea...more sketching...
 but here it is, and here I was thinking I had come up with the amazing idea, on my own, of making a pincushion AND a little thread catcher... but alas all the great ideas are already taken...
I used an embroidery hoop to keep the bag open ...
I embroidered the thread catcher -just doodle stitching ( stitching without a pattern) which I have always been to scared to try..
and on the back of the pincushion is a little pocket made from fabric Leonie sent me another time:
with a special little poem I wrote inside...
Thanks Leonie for letting my imaginaton run free and thanks Kate for starting all this pincushion business. By the way, mine arrived and I love it, from Tracey and yes, look closely and you will see some lovely heart shaped pins!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! See Tracey, I am already using it.


  1. I love that idea, I need a thread catcher! The pin cushion you got is just adorable as well, how cute are those pins!

  2. Pin cushion heaven. Love the little mouse and pin book you received. So squeaky sweet.
    And hey, aren't you the innovator? Super cool pin cushion that you made Leonie. Your stitching is brilliant. Well done Cath.

  3. oh WOW, how great are you!!
    that is fabulous, and the stitching looks Amazing!
    and the pincushion you received is gorgeous.

  4. Good job on Leonie's pincushion! And I love the little mousie and matching needlecase! You scored well!

  5. Your embroidery is stunning! I love your pincushion/thread catcher. All done in red...I get a wee bit swoony over red thread work.

    The pincushions you received are lovely!

  6. omg omg OMG...IT BRILLIANT!!! Have you got any Idea how useful that thread catcher is going to be. My god woman its down right FANTASTIC!!! Oooooooooo this was so much fun!!!

  7. I love what you did with the thread catcher, and the little pocket. Very lovely.

    And you got some heart pins. That's cool.

  8. Love, love, love it all! That doodle sketching is brilliant. Your swap goodies are pretty ace too. X

  9. I love that thread doodling!
    very nice work indeed.


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