Friday, April 23, 2010

Ms Busy in Blue

On a high from the success of last weeks trousers I thought I would give another pair a whirl - she put them on and danced- always a good sign! Modelling on and around the composting toilet...

 and if you are looking to spoil yourself or your own mum head on over to see Jenny at giftboxology, she is having a fab giveaway on her blog...


  1. Hey! You have the negotiation of the crotch-craft down pat! (still quaking in shoes and I've only cut the fabric out).

  2. they are so fab!
    well done cath! would you still be up for a softie swap?

  3. they are super cute!
    (do they have a chunkychooky tag on them i see???)
    thanks for the plug, very much appreciated!
    jen x

  4. oh she is a natural model...that last shot! i want her hair....

  5. They look great! Judging by the dancing & that smiley face, you have one happy customer!

  6. The pants are smashing! I like your composting toilet as well, very fancy!
    But the best is that sweet little one, what a cutie!

  7. This child is too adorable for words, and that haircut is the cutest.

    (Pants aren't bad either Cath.)

  8. These are amazing Cath. Oh, and Busy looks so sophisticated... 3 going on 12!!

  9. LOVE! How gorgeous are they, child and pants! Nice work mum


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