Friday, April 02, 2010

An open letter to Tony Abbott

Dear Tony Abbott,
 When you say things like "we will do whatever it takes" to turn back asylum seekers, it makes me very nervous. What exactly do you mean by this? Turn them back into dangerous waters on unsafe boats? Blow up the boat? Its not that simple Tony.
PS Please don't wear budgie smugglers in public.


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  2. Oops!
    What I meant to say was:
    You tell 'em Cath!!!

  3. Hear, bloody hear! On ever level.

  4. Everything that comes out of that mans mouth scares me!

  5. Fear not, there are all sorts of actions in place to protect them more than us!! It's about not encouraging them to try to come here or enter Australian waters. They won't sink them or blow them up, or put them in danger, there is SO much you don't know that happens out there on the water & it's not the patrol boats doing anything wrong i assure you. Love Posie

  6. you know I can't think of the big T without thinking.."IRONMAN", hilarious!
    now shouldn't us women folk be in the kitchen cooking & making babies.

  7. oh indeed - i always figured that his mother made him look like a rat for good reason!

  8. I'm tired of politicians on both sides simplifying issues into sound bites. It is insulting in so many ways - do they think I'm stupid? That I think the world is black and white? That I can't understand complexity and make an informed decision? So arrogant and ignorant on their parts.
    Good on you Cath.

  9. Chunkychooky for PM...
    P.S Nobody should be allowed to wear budgie smugglers in public!


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