Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chest swells, lip quivers

Today,  at swimming lessons Busy jumped in the pool and swam underwater. I got tears in my eyes.  My lip quivered, my chest swelled. I was so proud I felt exhilarated. She was very excited too and so proud she came out of the pool and said  "I am ready for the big girls class because now I can jump in with my gobbles on".  As I write I can hear Chef pretending to be a crocodile while Busy is in the bath and she is squealing with laughter.  I must  make special note of these moments when life is sweet.
Speaking of lip quivering have you read this post? Blimey I cried just reading about little Indi.  I promised Cam I would write a post tonight as poor Cam is stuck in a not very nice place- so go and say hello to her and send her hugs and love...


  1. What a proud moment...enjoy that funny banter going on in the background, isn't it just the sweetest...

  2. Awww thanks Cath! A post just for me. That is seriously the cutest photo ever. Do you think I could pinch Busy's sunnies (or are they gobbles for outside the pool)? They're supercute!

  3. So sweet, Cath! Love the "gobbles."

  4. These are amazing moments in a mamas life. The wonder of the people our children are and are becoming. Yay Busy!!

  5. Yay Miss Busy!!!!
    Have fun in the big girls class.
    You are AMAZING!!!!

  6. oh I know - we just have to capture these moments in our mind as one day they will be so enormous we can't imagine we had anything to do with helping make them!

  7. Sounds like there's some "gobbles" going on in the bath! Snap,snap. Way to go mermaid Busy. :)

  8. You know I bloody cried at that post too!
    I love the pic, so gorgeous.
    The first time Caleb went underwater, I teared a little, well maybe a bit more than a little, but you know that chlorine will do that


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