Friday, July 09, 2010


 Dearest indie designers, etsy sellers, madeit sellers, etc etc etc

 I was wondering if anyone would like to share where they get their cloth labels printed?? You know like the nice ones on clothing. I have used the same company for a while for chunkychooky but I want to try another one as I want the My Bearded Pigeon logo and writing on the tag that I will sew onto.... I can't tell you yet...!! I don't want to make my own so no tutorials please.
Thanks x
If you get me onto something good I will send you chocolate! Really!!


  1. Oooh I'm always up for a chocolate reward!
    I've been using World Sale Label on Etsy. Mine only have writing, but they can make up pretty much anything.
    All the previous orders are shown on their blog so you can get an idea of what they can do.

  2. Here's a great discussion link on this very topic if you feel like a few options!/topic.php?uid=125694234110174&topic=79

  3. I did a post on this a while ago and invited people to share their experiences of different label suppliers.

    Anyone I know who has used AKIE labels in Thornbury only has good things to say.

  4. I use Lucky Label for mine and they have always been very prompt and fuss free. Check out their website. xo

  5. i discovered this seller on etsy that makes darling ribbon tape labels:

    Unfortunately, they are closed at the moment but keep on the lookout for their cute fabric tape. They do print on it, not embroider so if you wanted embroidered labels this is not the place to go =-(

    There are scads of embroidered label manufacturers in LA but I don't the name of ANY!! =-( Good luck with your search!

  6. Here's a post about my labels:
    Andi :-)

  7. I been thinking the exact same thing over the last month or so Cath, thanks for asking the question. I'll be looking at all the links you get as well.

  8. Like CurlyPops, I've also used Worldwidelabel on etsy, but they messed up my last order (in March) and I'm still waiting for them to fix it. So would be interested in what others have to say on this topic!

  9. oooh.. i get my labels from custom embroidery on etsy-
    but am also looking for some smaller woven ones, so keeping an eye on your comments with interest! do let us know if you find something!
    x Pepper

  10. check these guys out
    you want to check out their commercial woven labels - they were very helpful and understanding to me as a new client everything - eg what material you want your label made on, colours, design format requirements etc. The lady who helped me sent a fab lot of samples which made deciding on what to choose a great deal easier! It can be more expensive than the current style label you use and minimum quantities may also impact on cost- i have used their care instructions labels - very reasonably priced and easy to order too - no complaints from clients about fading etc
    hope this helps sis

  11. My first and current batch of labels came from
    I can't say I was completely enamoured, (they never sent a proof before my labels got printed and sent out to me, & there were a couple of things I would have had done differently - I don't know if that has changed), but they were reasonably priced.
    I would love to get some nice natural twill labels, next time.
    Any suggestions?
    OOPs...can I ask this on your blog Cath?

  12. hey cath, glad that you asked and great responses. i also used worldwidelabels
    and was really happy with the label but i had to 'keep onto them' in a nice sort of way to get it right. they were very helpful and understanding though. maybe i'll check out the other recomendations too, just for a look, thanks for great post

  13. how did I know Cam would be in there when you mentioned chocolate!
    how exciting..I am of no help, looking forward to seeing them.

  14. Mm, how did you know I have also been internet trawling for labels in the last week? I have only previously ordered ones like you have for Chunky Chooky, like a woven name tape, but really I will want something different soon. Thanks for asking this question.

  15. I use Cash's - you can order on-line, they are fast and they've a new range of enviro-friendly labels.

  16. I know this isn't going to help you much in Aus, but anyone reading from the uk, try which are very reasonably priced, and when I requested them uncut they did indeed come as a ribbon. I have woven black on stone/taupe but they do cotton printed and all sorts... I'd really like those! See my labels at


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