Friday, September 17, 2010

Animation Friday...kind of... but a bit different

Busy is currently obsessed with a knitted lamb at preschool- ( as in "we need to get to preschool first so I can get the lamby") So I asked the lovely and talented Jess if she could possibly knit Busy a lamb of her very own, ( I was dying for an excuse, let's be honest - to get my hands on one of Jess's creations). It arrived yesterday and we were both pretty excited. She is so sweet! ( the lamb and Jess)
So as a thank you to Jess I made a little animation for her- you can make one here at animoto FOR FREE!!!
I am not sure if this is within the rules of animation Friday but since I got the idea from there, well , here it is...

Create your own video slideshow at

It is really easy and you can choose from their music or even add your own.
So, why not make a little animation and then join in the fun over at My Poppet.

Thanks Jess, we are , as the music says, So in love with her....she was taken to bed, which is a special place reserved for only the chosen few.
Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Such a sweet lamb! And that gorgeous Busy with her smile and her absolutely, gob-smackingly, beautiful hair!
    Love the slide show.

  2. Oh My Goodness!
    That is so gorgeous - the slide show and the lamb!! You got some excellent shots there!

  3. LOVE the animation.
    Those cheeky photos at the end are priceless!!
    And the music is perfect. I wanted to hear the whole song.
    Andi :-)

  4. Oh Cath, really WHAT CAN I SAY???? thank you so much. I adore the video. you are too kind.
    I'm so pleased she likes her lamby!!

  5. That is just adorable! Jess's little creations are simply wonderful aren't they?! How pleased does Busy look there with her lamby?!!

  6. what a cute animation!
    what a great little lamby & what a talented Miss Jess.

  7. Awww Busy is adorable (and so is Lamby)!

  8. that lamb is adorable. as long as there is movement it counts as an animation in my eyes!

  9. TOO CUTE!!
    I just love your gal's expressions.
    Every little kid (and some big ones too) needs one of Jess's animals I think.
    Have a happy weekend. X

  10. Busy is the sweetest kid! I adore those curls!

  11. That's cute! And Busy is sooooo adorable.


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