Saturday, September 04, 2010

I TRY!! I really do but....

I made this for Chef. It is our 6th Wedding Anniversary today. Six years! This time 6 years ago I was beside myself with joy and had spent the entire short but meaningful ceremony bawling and I mean bawling my eyes out. It was such a lovely day/ night/ morning -  at 7am the next day our mates thought they better leave our Darlinghurst hotel....

These song lyrics , many of you will be familiar with. They are from a song by The Lemonheads, written by  Evan Dando ( who I had a massive crush on in my teens) this is him then:
what was a girl to do? ( pretty boys with long hair and guitars were my preferred method of heartache for quite some time)

Chef always sings it to me these days...It is not that I don't love the the outdoors, I do. We are surrounded almost completely by forest here. Our place backs onto a state forest and I love walking/ running ( depending on where I am in my stop start fitness regimes) in it. Just me and my dog. I really love it. But I don't really like sleeping in it.

I find camping makes me so restless... I just don't do idle hands very well, I know I could sit around the camp fire crocheting/ stitching, that bit sounds lovely. Pre Busy I did enjoy it we have fond memories of camping together. But last time we went with Busy, as a toddler, I just saw hazards everywhere, ocean on one side, forest on the other, open fires- it was so stressful- she was also sleep walking at the time ( WEIRD I KNOW!!!) and it was all just too much. Plus I really don't sleep well if I am not comfortable and even though we have a pretty good self inflating mattress - it just doesn't cut it for my precious bones to give in to sleep.

I have no issue with  bugs and creepy crawlies ( the paradise where we live has ticks and as soon as it rains leeches neither of which bother me despite the fact Chef and I have both had a couple of trips to hospital for anaphalaxis with ticks)  so it isn't that.

Chef often goes off camping with the boys for the weekend - sometimes I instigate it as I can feel he needs man time. But Busy is so keen to sleep in a tent and go camping ( the men folk have suggested Dads and kids weekend away which I think is great but will probably spend the weekend worrying !)  so they are going to put it up outside for now but the pressure is on.

So Chef as a gift to you for our 6th Wedding Anniversary I am publicly promising to go camping with you  this Summer. Somewhere near the beach. And I will not complain about being bored.

There. Done. You guys will hold me to it right?


  1. Love the embroidery!! Classic.
    Happy Wedding Anniversary, hope i'm not interupting anything. I blubbered all through my wedding vows, gosh, 13 years goes by in a blink. Have a beautiful weekend, with Father's Day too, big times. Love Posie

  2. No need for boredom when you can take some hand stitching with you.
    I'm so glad you are going camping. I'll happily live the outdoorsy life vicariously through you.
    Go for it!!
    I'll be inside with my hairdryer!
    Andi x

  3. yay! happy anniversary!
    i love that you are publicly promising to love & go camping together.
    camping sounds like a good idea at the time..until someone gets hurt & then there is the loads of washing to be done too.
    enjoy it, we will also do it too..when it's hot and there is also a beach around.
    have a great day ♥

  4. I looove the gift you have made!
    So perfect.
    Happy Anniversary, I hope you guys have a fab weekend together.x

  5. LOVE the embroidery! Bet he does too.
    Happy anniversary to you two lovebirds.
    Have a wonderful, romantic weekend.

  6. haha! i often sing that song to my husband too. hope you have a loverly time in the great outdoors though.

  7. Cath, you're so cute sometimes I'd like to eat you on toast.

    I could totally hang that embroidery at my house too..

    Happy anniversary!

  8. Oh I thought it was just me that had this affliction with camping and sleeping, I just can't fall asleep in a tent either. At least you are not camping for your anniversary and enjoying it in bricks and mortar comfort. Have a happy weekend.

  9. Happy anniversary to you both.

    I'm a 5 star princess these days. I love the outdoors but I don't want to sleep in them. Ms L still talks about getting back to camping one day but I'm not sure it's going to happen. Maybe I'll have to give a similar anniversary gift one day and I'll definitely need to be held to it.

  10. Happy Anniversary. I'm hearing you loud and clear about the camping. Loved it as a kid but I can never get warm enough as an adult and that makes for little to no sleeping. I'm sure my girls would be thrilled at the idea to go camping, but hubby isn't a camper either and they haven't asked so we'll just keep that one on the low down!

  11. Oh how sweet.
    Happy Anniversary you two!x

  12. Happy Anniversary, you could always do my version of camping:

    At least 3 star
    Toilet and shower that work


  13. Hilarious and perfect....happy anniversary and just for the record...Evan Dando (insert whistle here)!

    Your robots are totally awesome too and yes, I think you know that you MUST continue to make them...lots of them.

    Sam :)

  14. I know that small kid/camp fire/etcetera pain and I ain't holding you to nuffin'!

  15. Love it! Happy anniversary to you both!

    We're a camping household, the kids have been going since they were born...which was easy cause they stayed where you put them. When they started crawling it was tempting to get the duct tape out and we didn't go as much but now we love it again, they know all the rules and I love seeing them get so filthy it's unbelievable. I hope you love it when you go again.

  16. That is such a wonderful gift. Terrific.
    (I too would find it too stressful to go camping with my little people - I've said I'll going camping after we have a resort holiday first ... with our budget in its current condition that won't be for a while so I'm safe for the time being!)


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