Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Butterfly house

We went to the Butterfly House yesterday with Gwam-ma.

I wore my butterfly dress!
 It was very exciting, and it was hard not to run around and grab the butterflies

We had to be very patient and quiet so the butterflies would land on us... was really hot in the butterfly house

and I was getting a bit inpatient ...

 there was so many of them and they were all so beautiful
but I really wanted one to land on me
I kept holding out my arm and trying really hard to make one come onto me
and FINALLY one landed on my hand
 ...and then another one landed on Mummy and we were both very happy.
and we ate butterfly shaped biscuits and bought a butterfly head band.
And we came home and gave each other butterfly kisses.

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  1. That look on your face is just priceless! You are a very beautiful little girl aren't you?! Glad you had fun with the butterflies, looks like they had fun with you too :)

  2. sweeeeeet ♥
    I wore my butterfly brooch today ♥

  3. Ah, butterfly kisses are just the best!

  4. Just too cute!
    Gorgeous pics too Mrs. X


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