Friday, October 29, 2010

Needlecraft winners are grinners.

I am absolutely pooped after a massive week so the random thingy-me-bob that hates me and refuses to appear on my blog chose the winners:
Number 5: Sarah  and number 20: Kate. Yay! woot woot! etc etc...
I am in the final stages of something big so I am giving myself an early mark and finishing Blogtober now. Thanks to lovely Tinniegirl for being such a fabulous host. Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway. Thanks to Liesel at Penguin for sending me great books to review. It is really appreciated. Thanks for reading my blog lots of times in October. I will be back in a few days with another great book giveaway! Really! Another one. And this one is really ace!! Really great. I was very excited when it arrived.......!!!!!
See you in November!!!xxx


  1. So many exclamation marks it must be good! (Oops there's another one). Congrats to Sarah and Kate - it looks like an awesome book

  2. And thanks to you too for all your wonderful posts. And congrats to the grinners. Cherrie

  3. Yay for the winners!! and Yay to Cath for having such great giveaways!! xx

  4. Exciting!! I never win anything!!! Thanks so much, will email you now x

  5. Congratulations to the winners! I'm only feeling lightly sorry for myself.

    Congratulations to you for making it though Blogtoberfest with so many fabby posts!

    On the edge of my seat wondering what the something big is!

    See you in November!

  6. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you so much Cath and random thingy and Penguin. I am hugely excited!!
    Like Alex, I am also on the edge of my seat waiting to hear your news.
    Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you next month. X

  7. yay girls!!
    well done on hanging in there for the month Cath.
    soo looking forward to your exciting news too.

  8. thanks for all your posts this month - I really enjoyed reading them... see you in November!

  9. Lucky Sarah and Kate, congrats to you both. Thanks for the giveaway, Cath. x


what a nice person you are- taking the time to comment in this busy hectic world...Thank you!!