Sunday, October 10, 2010

Puppy love

 I realised today Busy is growing up. I took her to see a friends new puppies, they are 6 week old labradoodles and I was expecting a lot of squealing and excitement.  

But the exact opposite happened- she was so calm and so sweet and quiet with the puppies and just wanted to hold them and give them a pat.

She was so careful in how gentle she was I could really see her trying so hard.
 I was also expecting a "why can't we take one home" wobbly- she asked, I said but we have Zac and she said " yes and he is the cutest dog in the world"

She just played with them and nearly 2 hours later when the puppies went to sleep it was time to go.
She said before she went to bed " I hope I dream about puppies"
I hope she does too.


  1. How gorgeous! Busy and the puppies!!

  2. hope she's dreaming sweet puppy dreams right now... just gorgeous...

  3. She's far more mature than I could hope to be in a similar situation, Cath...

  4. Adorable :) I know I would be squealing!

  5. That is such a gorgeous post Miss Cath!
    I hope you have a wonderful week. X

  6. Awwww... did she dream about puppies? what sweet dreams to have.

  7. Busy is certainly looking and sounding grown up! She's just so cute!

    Your post on happiness was really great too, so nice to hear real life thoughts because it's important to be realistic with how great our lives actually are.


  8. so sweet! gorgeous faces on Busy and the puppies

  9. Nothing like living in the moment :)

  10. That's so incredibly sweet! Those puppies are absolutely precious...very cute pictures.


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