Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shir it up...

I have long looked at shirring on dresses and thought to myself that is seriously advanced sewing and not for these amateur hands. So it came as a huge surprise to me that it is so easy. Agggesss ago I saw it on  Sally's blog and realised that it was all about the elastic in the bobbin! WHO KNEW???

The fabric is from some friends of ours who went to Vietnam, isn't it gorgeous?

I am slightly disturbed by the look on Busy's face, and yes that is our blue toilet in the background. So if you have been scared of shirring I urge you to get yourself some shirring elastic wack it on your bobbin and get sewing- it is quite satisfying and really easy.
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  1. I've never tried shirring either, and the pre-shirred fabric is so expensive!
    Must add to the to-do list.

  2. I'm impressed Cath, the dress looks brilliant. Shirring is on my to try list.

  3. That is gorgeous - super fabric!
    I've never tried that either, but then i've never tried making a dress either! (not too good with following patterns)x

  4. Easy least indeedy; yet sooooo effective. Busy will be able to wear that until she's a teenager I reckon!

  5. "... little darlin', shir it up".

    I shall be singing that until I fall asleep tonight.

  6. I ADORE shirring! I've never dreamed of attmpting it..I did not know that!

  7. Oh my! Your dress is GORGEOUS! Your shirring is fantastic, as is that amazing fabric. Brilliant... BUT best of all is tha sweet expression on Busy's face. Delightful.

  8. It's gorgeous Cath!
    I think Busy's a cack! The face she's pulling is a classic.
    And to be honest guess what, I had to google shir, because I had no idea what it is, I mean I did know it, I just didn't know it was called shirring.

  9. Ha! I didn't know it was called shirring. And I got a spool of elastic thread in one of my birthday pressies a while back. Now I know it's shirring elastic! Might have to work up to using it though.

  10. Yes, I have meaning to try it. Yes, I've heard how easy it is...no doubt I'll come around soon after seeing this beauty! Busy is looking quite saucy indeed!

  11. CYOOOOT!!!
    (Love the shirring you've got going on too.) X

  12. very nice Miss Busy!
    umm, no idea, but I have seen the already elasticised thingy material and that looked appealing for my amateur hands:)


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