Monday, December 27, 2010

The day that was

I hope everyone has had a lovely few days even if you don't do Christmas I am sure it has been nice being at home? Busy woke at 545am I had been in bed with her as I was summoned during the night. I woke up 30 secs before her and she went from soundly sleeping to sitting upright yelling"it's Christmas!"She was most excited that Santa had eaten his vegemite sandwich and the reindeer's had chewed on the carrots. She got the wand and socks she had asked santa for and loads of craft stuff (naturally) plus some dress ups:
Which she is not really that keen on and I had to beg her to try on when our mates were over, because she looks so cute in them ( she is being a scary lion above)
The dress- ups were $4 each at a school fete. I like them more than she does.
After everything was opened there was a big sigh " I didn't get my trampoline" tears welling in her eyes... we took her outside just to check,  she saw it and just started screaming - it was so funny- I have never seen her that excited!
It poured with rain until about 1pm she kept checking outside to make sure it was still there. Finally the rain stopped and she has been jumping ever since. We had friends over for dinner and it was really nice. Oh and I got a tripod for my camera, some money and book vouchers, Yay!
 Did you have a lovely day? Eat to much?


  1. Oh how fabulous! I can see it all happening as if I was the one watching! :) Don't you just love kids at xmas? I think we're on our last year of the little one believing... the questions have started, the looking for logic etc. Cherish this time Cath - they grow up too quickly. Glad you had a fabulous one :) Kx

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day! Enjoy the time Cath, hope you had a merry Christmas!

  3. What a gorgeous lion!!! Glad the day went well for you.

  4. Oh I she looks so adorable. What a fantastic lion she makes! ROAR!
    Merry times indeed for one and all. Great stuff.

  5. How exciting! I bet she is still jumping. Glad you had such a happy day, enjoy the rest of the festive season x

  6. LOVE that cute little lion! wonderful pic Cath!
    sounds like a great day..I love those dress ups!
    we also got a trampoline..yay!! sooo much fun they love it & are bouncing like crazy. yours is great with the little shapes on it.
    all the very best to you for a jumpity & joyous new year my friend filled with laughter & sunshine.

  7. How brilliant are those costumes!!
    Wow! Did you know Posh Spice reckons she maintains her figure by jumping on a trampoline for twenty minutes a day!! You too could look like her.
    I hope you are happy lovely Cath. XX

  8. ps. Loving the new and fancy header. X

  9. how cute!!!!! love this post!! Hope you had a great holiday !!!


  10. Gorgeous post!
    Christmas with little ones is so much more the sweeter.
    Miss 12 still claims to believe...but for how much longer?????? Even she said it didn't feel much like Christmas this year.
    Looking back at past years photos helped to restore some of the spirit!

  11. Kalaurie Karl-CrooksDecember 27, 2010 at 10:43 PM

    Busy's tiger costume rocks!!!!!

  12. She's like a bouncy tigger!!
    Merry merry Cath!!
    Andi x

  13. Lovely new header! I love your tree, so pretty and colorful and the critter next to it is adorable. What an amazing surprise for Busy! I would love to get one for Pony Girl, I think it would do wonders, alas - I think it rains a bit too much here to make all that practical. So glad you had a nice day of it. We did as well, and yes, much too much to eat :)

  14. He he he. My kids haven't stopped bouncing since we got ours 3.5 years ago. BEST PRESSIE EVER!

  15. What a fabulous day, I love your tree and whoohoo for the trampoline...

  16. ohhh - i am almost weeping for the 'before'... The sadness... AND THEN THE JOY!! I also love a bounce so I can appreciate the excitement!

    Your christmas photos are super...

    I did a 'secondhand santa' christmas, spent $27 and got a bike, a slide and some blocks!

    Good luck with the rain there in Bello - ANy chance any more antarctica map cush?


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