Monday, December 20, 2010


I have lost my mojo.
I don't know what to blog about.
I don't know what to sew.
....not even feeling like I want to do any stitching...
not feeling the making bug.
I don't remember this ever happening... where has it gone... will it come back? I think I just need to start something and I will get into it as I go along...and I wonder if it has anything to do with  a HUGE decision I made a little while ago. I am paying someone to help me sew. I struggled with it for a long time... as I have pondered what "handmade" means often on this blog and really worried that it wouldn't be handmade if I didn't make the whole thing. And in the past have thought it was really wrong of people who sold items as handmade to not be actually making it ALL themselves.

But it got me thinking....Wiki defines handmade as: .Handmade means something made by an individual, rather than one made by mass production. It need not literally mean that no machine at all is used in making it. If I paint a picture and then scan and print it is it still handmade? I think yes, absolutely. If I take a photo and then have it printed and framed by someone else is it handmade? Yes. They are my designs, my ideas, I cut the fabric and someone else sews it-  not everything in my shops, ands absolutely never the softies,  just a few things and it has been so great. After the explosion of cushion cover love in the last two weeks I am so glad I had this all set up beforehand. I would not have coped.

I see it like this: it is made in someones home, who just works in the spare room doing alterations etc  for a few people locally, she is a fantastic sewer, it is all above board in terms of tax etc, she is local- she lives down the road...I feel happy about the decision and I think I would have had a meltdown if she hadn't of been such a fantastic help over the last few weeks. Plus it is like  a massive weight off my shoulders to not have to spend all non working hours thinking about orders etc and running around like a blue arsed fly*. I have also started buying things in bulk and getting printing done instead of doing it myself and all of these things have just made my life easier... but I am worried I have lost my mojo because I am not so busy? I finally have some time to sit down , holidays from work coming up and do some stitching and I have no inclination to do it... this is just so weird, when I am frantic I have a huge list of  all the things I want to make... but now... nothing... no interest.... any suggestions on how I get it back?

* frantic.

Also, I made a website for My bearded Pigeon, have a look at let me know what you think.


  1. I would not worry about the loss of your mojo. Maybe your brain is cookin gup your best idea ever and just needs a little break to fine tune it before it delivers it to you, maybe your fingers want to do some chrissy baking or Busy huggin or a little of nothing on it's holidays. It won't be forever so enjoy whatever you are filling your time with instead, even if that is not much of anything.
    As for the employed help, I think that sounds like a great idea. Handmade can still be a business and sometimes in fact often they have employees. Good on you for making it fun.

  2. Take a deep breath, Cath! Relax and enjoy life.... your crafting mojo will return!! Down time, when you don't have something hanging over your head, is so rare - look on it as a gift. You're still you - with all those great ideas just waiting to be brought to life....

  3. It's just having some Christmas Holidays. I'm sure you'll get it back soon. Love the new website. xx

  4. I would say - take some time off, enjoy Christmas, and your mojo will come find you 1st of Jan (or 2nd, depending on the hangover situation).

    xx Penny

  5. i agree with the girls, take some time off & enjoy your family & when you get back it will hopefully return aswell.
    I lose "that" mojo alot lately, but I know things in life can be demanding mentally for me so I tend not to cope aswell.
    Don't feel guilty about giving someone else an opportunity to work & also help you out so that you don't neglect the most important things in your life.
    hope you enjoy your holiday season & wishing the return of your mojo soon.
    hugs ♥

  6. I noticed that you weren't posting on your blog that recently. Don't worry about your inspiration or enthusiasm, I am feeling a bit similar and don't actually want to start anything new right now, I just kind of feel that the new year will bring fresh ideas and the usual "need" to sew and create will return naturally. Enjoy the break!

  7. Slippery little sucker, that mojo. A mind of its own. Enjoy the results of decisions made, relax and do whatever grabs your fancy and you will be sure to get creative again when you least expect it. :)

  8. Yeah Cath, dito to all of the above it's been a big year for you. Take rest and a great harvest will follow, breath in and breath out everything is seasonal!

  9. Yeah Cath, dito to all of the above it's been a big year for you. Take rest and a great harvest will follow, breath in and breath out everything is seasonal!

  10. Agree with the others, take some time out - ideas and mojo will soon return and you'll feel rejuvenated from the rest! I love the website!

  11. Oh Cath, I'm so sorry Mojo is on holiday. I agree with everyone else, it happens to all of us I think. SOme rest time out and not forcing things, and Im sure he'll come back xo

  12. You can't really lose the creative person inside. It's still there and will come back when it needs/wants to. I think we all go through this from time to time and maybe even more often than that. I can't see anything wrong with farming out some of the menial tasks so long as her standard is up to yours. Lovers of your work still know it is your style. Wishing you some relaxation. Cherrie

  13. Give your mojo a break, Cath, and do the routine things that have to be done anyhow. It always comes back, whether you worry or not---your mojo is part of who you are! Hang in there, relax, and enjoy the holidays!

  14. A little outsourcing sounds brilliant to me.
    And you're not running a sweatshop. You're providing genuine employment to another crafter. Win/win!!
    In terms of your own sewing mojo, maybe you just need a bit of a slow down and enjoy the end of the year in a more relaxed fashion.
    The mojo will return when it is ready. In the meantime, chill and enjoy!!

  15. Do something completely different. Very long walks are good. Don't fret. Enjoy a little down time. It will come back, usually in abundance I have found.
    Your web site looks stunning!

  16. Hey Cath - I struggle with this very thing all the time. I've no magic pill but it does pass. I usually use the time to read or visit galleries or friends etc. Getting out and about helps :) Hope it passes soon. Kx


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