Thursday, January 20, 2011

First time earlier adopter

Generally I would describe myself as a late adopter . For example we were the last people in our world to get a DVD player.After everyone else was renting DVD's we were still getting in trouble for not rewinding the videos before we took them back to the shop.

So no one is more surprised than me that both Chef and I have now got iPhones. I know that some of you would be thinking well you are hardly at the beginning of a trend but to us we are shocked that we aren't last to get them. And NOW I get what everyone is talking about!!!! I love it. We both do. So I wanted to ask everyone: what are your favorite apps?? What gems have you discovered?? I have found a few great photography ones like hipstamatic and we both have viber so we can talk to each other for free but what else is good? I would love to know what you have unearthed?

These photos were taken with the Hipstamatic app on my phone- I love it - the top one is the ceiling fan- I love the colour

Also did you know my "raffle"  is going to go until the midday on Australia day, 26th January?Well it is and did you also know that Toni and Carli by organizing this whole bloggers auction/raffles/ sales have raised
$45 000 isn't that just the most ace thing ever!!!! Thanks to everyone who has joined in here and everywhere else.


  1. I'm quite sure that I will be the last person with such a phone. How fun, I love those pics. My dear friend has taken some amazing photos with that app.
    How amazing that money has been raised! What a fantastic group effort! Makes my heart glad.

  2. Mr HB (a techie) keeps suggesting I get an iPhone, but I'm still undecided. I suspect I am not so much a late adopter, as a Luddite!

  3. I can't believe you got an iPhone!
    I seriously must be the only one left in the world without one ha ha.

  4. I will challenge you as a 'late adopter... We bought our first dvd player on Monday because we bought our first tele (and it has a dvd player in it- how modern)!We had had a tv that lived under our bed and was dragged out for 'special occasions' and following that we have had one with very bad reception in the corner of the lounge with a quilt over the top. The one is clear- amazing. Only as big as a computer screen though, wouldn't want to shock ourselves too much with one of those wide screen gizmos!
    You should see our chunky old computer screen- late in adopting a flatter screen smaller one there too, yep, another hand me down!

  5. Wow! That's a great app! I've only just got an iPhone too and I resisted for aaages. The Mr actually tricked me into it, but now I love it too! Amazing about the money raised - I can't believe how amazing it is :) Kx

  6. I dont' have an iPhone, and we still have a VCR/DVD Combo LOL

  7. I think I will definitely be last to have an iphone, i will only get it when my sister upgrades..I am the hand me down queen of phones.
    i am in awe of that app & would just get one to use that hipsta photo thingy.

    great pics ♥

  8. My advise... dont start looking or you will be SUCKED in the iphone vortex forever!!!

    I will not even give you a list - or we will never hear from you again!

  9. I thought they were a little overrated. My husband wanted one for me (him!) when my contract came up, but now he doesn't get anywhere near my iPhone. Love it.

  10. Too funny about rewinding the videos. I had forgotten all about that. Bren buys magazines that tell you all the latest and greatest apps. Like I emailed you, he has 4 pages/96 of them. LOVE that middle pic of Busy. XX


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