Friday, January 28, 2011

Flood levy

So if you earn over $50 000 in Australia as of July you will be paying about $1 a week extra in tax. The more you earn, the more you pay.. we are talking 1/2%- 1% of your income- if you earn over $50 000.

This new tax, that will only go for 12months  will go to help victims of the recent flood nightmare in QLD ands to help basically rebuild QLD. The costs of the flood is close to $6 Billion.I also think some of this money needs to go to VIC too and Northern NSW.

Millions of animals needed rescuing and I love this beautiful very Australian image.

WHY THE F#CK are people complaining about this??? How could they? I am happy to pay more!! It honestly makes me sick to my stomach that people are complaining about this. And Tony, if I hear you whingeing about it, just for the sake of it, just because you feel like you have disagree with Julia over EVERYTHING, I may resort to violence*.

WHY are people complaining about this??? I don't understand!!!?? Am I missing something??

* when I say violence I mean like perhaps a "You are a a big meany Tony" cross stitch.


  1. Couldn't agree more!
    I bet that a large number of those complaining have enough money to spare to buy booze and cigarettes though...

    Maybe your cross stitch could feature Tony with a big dog poo sitting on top of his head? I really can't stand that person.

  2. I feel like I need a big Facebook 'Like' button!!
    I couldn't agree more, I've stopped watching any news cause it's giving me the s#&t's at them moment!

  3. I totally agree with you Chooky. Why on earth are people complaining. They would pay more in GST on food & other things than they would in this tax. If you earn more than $50,000 per year you can probably afford the extra $1 or so a week. Its less than a bloody coffee!
    *climbing off my soapbox now*

  4. Very true, me and my partner will only be paying something like $175 for the year and for a lot of people it will just mean a slightly smaller tax return.

  5. I have no problems in paying it, and I've been wanting them to increase the medicare levy for years anyway, to put towards public hospitals!

  6. Totally Agree!
    They wouldn't whinge if their house was washed away.

  7. Isn't that photo priceless. Totally agree :)

  8. Reality is, the more we rape this earth, the closer we get to reaching her limits, unfortunately, the more we are going to see extremes of climate and natural disasters. Bushfire, flood, drought. We absolutely need to support those effected first hand and such a small levy to those of us who can afford it is a small thing.

    I've got to ask though.... tsunami, collapsing mines (instable earth) floods, earthquakes, fires, volcanic eruptions, blizzards.... are people joining the dots here?

    It’s not going to be long before this issue, and another one dear to you Cath, are going to become one. = Environmental refugees.

    The cost of the relief effort is nothing compared with what the cost of inactivity is going to be.

    Those with the most to give, and often the most blame to share are generally the ones who whine the loudest.

  9. While I don't have a problem with making a financial contribution to the rebuilding of QLD, I'm not sure that I agree with the tax. I question whether the Goveernment is abdicating its responsibility by passing the cost on. I believe that the Government should be planning for contingencies in the budget (and in actual fact it already does) and has a responsibility to deal with this disaster.

    I believe it's a shortsighted act that will have a broader negative financial impact. It will take essential funds away from charities and community organisations as many people will now believe that they are making their financial contribution to the rebuilding of QLD. However, the not-for-profits will do long-term work with communities that will require long-term funds.

    I also think that it could potentially have a broader impact on spending in the economy that will have far reaching effects. While I think some people are just complaining, there are some genuine issues with this approach and it's appropriate that questions are being asked.

    That's my two cents worth. Hope it adds a different perspective.

  10. I agree with you completely. Here in the States, the issue is usually schools - and the people that complain about the schools are the same ones who go ballistic if the gov't tries to implement a tax to raise money for the schools! It's a case of "put your money where your mouth is"!

  11. Well at the risk of getting shouted down here I am not convinced that there is a need to apply a flood tax. According to economists the govt. has the money in the coffers to pay for the infrastructure in QLD to be replaced.
    It is important to note that the money is not being directed at individual people, but the roads, buildings etc.
    Some say it it a case of the prime minister wanting to go to the next election with a surplus in budget.
    I really don't know what to think for sure.
    Initially I had no issue with the tax, but after listening to reports am wondering.

    It is great to be able to discuss such matters of importance with caring people.


  12. It is a tough one.

    I have absolutely no issue with Queenslanders getting all the help they need, but also agree that is should go to Vic and NSW. Queensland was devastated, but loads of people in Vic and NSW are in big trouble too. Personally, I would like to see some sort of "savings" account for this kind of thing, to go towards future natural disasters (fires, floods etc) as unfortunately there will be more.

    This extra tax will be a lot to some families. I truly believe that the majority of Australians gave as much as they could afford to the Premier's Fund. This could have been all they could afford and now have an extra $100 (or whatever) taken.

    We all pay a lot of taxes, surely there is the money there that could be used to help people.

    All this being said, flood victims need help and I have no issues whatsoever with giving money or being taxed more on a personal level. Just trying to look at the big picture I suppose.

  13. That image is amazing.

    Even this tax doesn't fix it.

    There will never be a way of returning those babies to their mothers arms, or parent's back to their dining tables with their children. They've been stripped away from this earth. I'd give those families my most valued treasures if they wanted them.

    I'm happily paying this tax.

  14. Hey - I'm not happy about the tax but I am more than happy to make donations - we are hoping to send down tins of paint from our business as well as a cash donation we have already made. I am pissed off because by the sounds of it the levy won't go to people only to be spent on infrastructure roads etc and if the current government (ETS for example and it didn't even go ahead, BER, giant panda research, stationary costs, desal plant, insulation scheme)didn't disgustingly waste money we would have it covered. My husband and I are self employed with a mortgage on a dump (!!) and we seriously can't afford $5 a week. I know it sounds pathetic but we are struggling to pay off business and personal tax, mortgage etc. We have been getting very creative with sausages for about 14months now and when I asked my little boy what he would like for his birthday dinner he said steak!! I cried hard - when did steak become a special treat for christ sake. My husband is getting up and going to work at 3.30am to squeeze a few more hours and I work too. The way things are going I think we will lose our house this year and I spend alot of time worrying about my husbands frame of mind - he has said before (apparently joking) that I would be better off getting his life insurance. We have had a fair few suicides here in Mackay region of self employed tradies. we also have lots of people not getting teeth fixed and even pretending they have split up so the wife can claim a pension to pay the mortgage. I spend most nights worrying and I live with this horrible nervous feeling int my tum all the time. Anyhoo Cath I love your blog and I have often thought that we think very much alike (I even put a link on my blog to your Let them stay cushion) but we will agree to disagree on this one. I am going to sign this off anon but that is only because I was really honest about my financial sitch and what I said about hubby!! None of our friends or family would even know that we are doing it so hard but I am sure they wonder why we only attend functions that are free and never accept dinner invites (at resturaunts!!)

  15. I appreciate that some people are really in the position where they cannot pay an extra dollar. My problem is with the people who can pay who are complaining about the fact that they have to pay $1 of their money. yes, it really should be handled by the government I agree with Tinniegirl on that point... it is people complaining who CAN afford it but do not want to share the responsibility. That is what make me cross.

    I appreciate everyone weighing on and I have broadened the way i think about it - which was the whole concept of this post as I asked what I was missing?
    I get it a bit better now.
    You guys are ACE!

  16. Regardless of whether people can afford the levy, I'm bothered that the government is so focused on the budget surplus. Our country is in such a strong economic position that a small deficit is not a bad thing in an exceptional circumstance - such as staving off an international recession or dealing with a multi-state natural disaster. And yet our government seems unable to stand up to the loony ravings of the Opposition about this fetishised surplus. It's hard enough to believe that the Mad Monk and co tried on the 'spend spend spend!' scare tactic in response to the floods - but it's incomprehensible that the Gillard government didn't rebut it. The only thing Labor about this government is the logo on its campaign posters.

  17. I've got a better one - "You're a total f*ckin plonker, Tony"... I'd buy that one :) Kx

    p.s. did I tell you we call him Toby Rabbit? My 5 year old nephew thought that was his name and declared before the last election that there was no way he was going to win because 'who'd vote for a rabbit?' VERY wise child ;)

  18. Great comments here.

    My family is fortunate at the moment. I am happy to give (and we already have). I dislike the levy on pure principal because I think the concept will have a detrimental effect on the concept of charity by choice - both now and into the future.

    In cold hard reality, they don't need the levy. There is nothing wrong with a government managing conscious defecit. As for repayment, ultimately, the government would still recover the funds from personal and business taxes, but at least it would be fair on the surface.

  19. This whole thing is now, of course, going to be lose lose for Labour isn't it? Charge the levy, Labour's trying to cripple the country. Pay for it out of the budget and go into deficit, Labour has broken promises. Yes, this levy is to pay for infrastructure that was damaged, roads, rail, bridges. Without all of these, the state doesn't run. Period. People are out of jobs, businesses go under as they can't get in stock, the whole economy becomes adversely affected. The money that has been donated is to go directly to the people flood affected, that lost everything. But these people still need to get to work to continue to live. Do people not see that? The Coalition brought in all sorts of levies and taxes (gun buy back scheme, GST!!!) People do really need to see the bigger picture. I agree wholeheartedly with your stance Cath, but surely your cross stitch could be a little more violent than that, if you need help with some adjectives to describe Tony Abbott, I'll be happy to help you out ;)


  20. I'm in the UK but I think this temporary tax is a brilliant idea, there's no way I'd be complaining. Ohh I always feel awful for the animals in natural disasters, when you see the herds of sheep etc crowded on a small island in a flood it breaks my heart.

    Your idea of 'violence' did make me smile though!

  21. Did you see Annabel Crabbe's piece about the levy? I reckon she has a point about why people are getting so upset about it.

    (For the record, I have no problem with the levy, but I'm still furious that the government lets the Coalition bully it into believing that it's fiscally irresponsible to spend tax revenue rather than squirrelling it away - the Howard government never had a problem with pouring cash into all sorts of pork barrels.)

  22. I just love the image with the kangaroos. GOLD, that is, pure gold.

  23. You're a little aussie ripper miss Cath. I was having this exact discussion at dinner tonight with my sister who thinks we've 'gone communist'. Like I said to her, "god forbid it should happen to US!!"

  24. I would also like to remind people that the so called rich people arent always'mega rich'. More often than not these are people/couples/families like myself and my husband who work our butts off 60-70 hours per week (each) - we have earnt the right to choose where we spend and donate our money by getting educations, working hard and making life choices. We have had nothing and worked hard to get where we are. Trust me when I say the only 'free benefits' we get (and rightly so) is the ones we earn each week. And yes we are generous with our money - we have donated 1000's of dollars each time this wonderful planet/country delivers another tragedy such as these floods. Anyway hope this reminds everyone that whilst not struggling with a flood we are working to make sure no one else is required to support us and all most people want is the choice to donate their money how they want as most people are still just good ordinary people regardless of how much money they earn.

  25. I am disappointed that the arguments for and against the levy have again been so simplified by our popular media. I am also disappointed that the budget cuts that have been made are environmental initiatives, in particular relating to carbon whilst the plans for spending the revenue raised by the levy are intended to support infrastructure for the QLD coal industry. Isn't there are smarter way to rebuild???
    Overall I am pleased that there is a levy though because with the inflationary pressures resulting from the floods and then the huge stimulus to the ecomony created by rebuilding will perhaps better be offset with a surplus budget. I am however a little disappointed that the victims of the WA floods are being overlooked.

  26. So, I'm from the USA (the land of the FREE, where our freedoms are being stripped out from under us one by one) I don't know what you're laws and such are in Australia, but here, I would say that being FORCED to pay a tax to help others is taking away yet another freedom. I have no problem donating to the cause, none whatsoever. But shouldn't it be MY choice? The government should've been ready for things like this, and not have to force the entire nation to pay for it after the fact....

  27. Wow, the things people complain about amaze me. I will never understand the views of some people..I hope it all turns out for the better.

  28. Please do the "violent" cross-stich anyway. Please!

  29. please please do the maths before you say it's just $1 week... it is NOT just $1... it is a minimum of $1... for families above $100,000 they pay 1% of their income which is $20 week and then more if they earn above that... i can say on paper $100,000 might look like a lot of money, but by the time the government takes half of it in tax, and the mortgage takes pretty much the rest, well an extra $20 week is a LOT of money for peopole supporting a family- especially if they already gave a generous donation to the flood appeal because they wanted to do the right thing...
    remember people in these income brackets weren't given the stimulus package... they are people working really hard to support families and buy unaffordable homes because of the mess the baby boomers left our housing market in... i can understand why people are getting upset about it...

  30. I think 4 things: !)I am happy to pay such a tax. 2) I think this tax will stop some people from donating so freely next time. Probably the same ones that are complaing about this tax. 3) I am astounded that the spending cuts the government are making to deal with this are all cliate control initiatives and 4) I think we need a permanent disaster fund like NZ have the earthquake fund. Lets not wait for diasters but be prepared for them.
    Bye now. XX

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