Tuesday, January 11, 2011

QLD flood relief: I am having a raffle//giveaway with conditions

We have seen and watched with horror at the devastation in QLD.  Here is your chance to help raise some much needed money for those families affected by floods.

Toni from Make it Perfect is organising a huge list of bloggers to auction or raffle giveaway with conditions an item with all money going to Flood Relief. I will be having an auction  a raffle a giveaway with conditions starting on  Monday 17th January. ALL money will go to the Queensland Government Flood Relief Pool.

If you are interested in holding an auction a raffle giveaway with conditions please tell Toni and she can add you to the list.
Oh... and the prize will be a cushion cover. A really good one. My favourite one. Plus some other things that are nice too... To enter the raffle giveaway with conditions, and I got this idea from Jodie, you have to go over to the Flood Relief website and donate $5, when you have done so, grab your receipt number and leave a comment with your receipt number for a chance to win, but I will be back on Monday with all the details and pics of the prizes so leave your comment on Mondays post.


  1. Was just reading about this on her blog, as I am not a craft chick I wasn't sure if I could take part. But I can certainly shop!

  2. Toni is doing a wonderful job. It's so devasting and awful beyond words.
    Can't wait to see what you're auctioning.
    I'm doing one too.xo

  3. This is such an awesome thing for all of you to do :)

  4. hey Cath, maybe this is not a raffle as such as that may require a permit ...it is actually a giveaway with conditions !!!! (wink wink)

  5. Hi my name is Emma and I thought I would let some of the lovely blogs that I follow know what I am doing for the QLD flood relief fund. I have designed a special t-shirt to raise money. Please stop by and have a look and spread the word www.poppleclothing.blogspot.com Thanks.

  6. thank you Cath - will definitely be popping back in on Monday x


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