Saturday, January 22, 2011

Today I am grateful for...

Today I am grateful for lovely friends, who are so kind to me and love Busy so much. 
I am grateful for a little girl who loves nothing more than picking flowers and  playing hide and seek. When we came home, she planted the flowers in the ground again and watered them- I am grateful that she is still so sweet and little that she thinks they will grow.
I am grateful that she now loves rhinobugs and collects them now.
I am grateful that she wants to be a Mummy when she grows up and come to work with me so we can be together all the time.

I am grateful to be loved by her and that she is in my life.
I am just so bloody lucky.
And grateful.


  1. You have been truly blessed Cath.

  2. She's a keeper ;)

    So glad you linked up today. It's a beautiful post, the love you have for Busy just shines through. The photo is adorable too. x

  3. What a beautiful post , thankyou you made me smile .

  4. I love this post, and this photo... I love that Busy "planted" her flowers (we have some stones planted at our place in the hope that a "fossil tree" might grow!). Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend x

  5. And she is lucky to have you!
    What a sweet post and I know exactly what you mean.

  6. So beautiful, Cath :) I have that *tight* feeling in my chest - you know the one... I know exactly how you feel and yes, it is a blessing. Thanks for this. Kx

  7. So beautiful. She sounds like such a relaxed and imaginative little girl. And I love the photo and those curls!

    I know that grateful feeling. It's the best, isn't it?


  8. Super cute!
    Love that Busy girl. XX

  9. That was such a beautiful post, Cath - thank you for sharing and allowing us to see the love between you and your daughter!

  10. did you need to make me cry there Cath!
    absolutely lovely, love the pic ♥

  11. p.s Aidan also planted something he cut in his veggie patch and then watered it, so adorable


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