Friday, February 04, 2011

a little less cranky...

So you may have noticed that I have removed my post about etiquette. Personal events over the last few days, basically a whole lot of horribleness has meant I have wanted my blog to be a happy place. So the post is gone. Why? Because it is not that important and I felt like I didn't explain myself very well- which is normal for me when I am cranky.  I got two ugly emails too and considered deleting the whole blog, I just wondered what it the point? why would people abuse me? Anonymously of course. Really? why?

I have giveaways because Penguin  send me nice things to share with you. It doesn't increase my traffic as I don't ask for people to promote my giveaways on their blog and I seldom promote them anywhere else.  When Penguin first sent me books to review it was my idea to host a giveaway- as a thank you to the ace people I have "met' through this space and as  many of you have very similar interests in crafting like me I knew would appreciate a chance to win a new book.

The winners of the last giveaway are:
Melinda at Here We Go Loopy Lou
Leonie @ Mrs Guldie

...and you know what else? If you want to only comment on giveaway posts that is ok with me. I know some of you are shy and I really appreciate the lovely emails I got from a few of you introducing yourselves privately and telling me all the reasons you visited my blog. That was REALLY nice.

So all of this is really not worth worrying about. I have other fish to fry. And as is generally the case with me I get angry and then I get through it- really quickly and then Let. It.Go.

I have another giveaway next week which is very different to every other giveaway but it is very clean and green!
Stay tuned.


  1. Glad that you are feeling less cranky Cath. That pretty photo alone should make anyone smile. Have a great weekend.

  2. Sorry to hear you're having a rough few days Cath. Hope the weekend holds a nice coffee with papers and some of Chef's lamb shanks. xx

  3. Really? People were nasty?? I just don't get it. This is meant to be our happy place. Or our sad place I guess. But in any case, its your own space and you can do with it what you please. I don't get the nastiness.
    Hope you're ok Miss Chooky. XX

  4. You poor old chook! like Kate, I can't get the nastiness, I just don't understand it.
    And well abuse, that is even worse, you don't deserve it xo

  5. Dear Mrs Chunky Chooky. I read your blog. I am not sure if I have ever commented. I thought your post was entirely within your rights as blog owner and perfectly fair and honourable -- if you ask me. Which you didn't. But I am telling you anyway.

    But the big question here is.... are you really chunky? I am (a little). But if you aren't - how did you come up with your blog name?

    PS, thankyou thankyou for posting Leonies blog address. I hadn't bookmarked it and I keep forgetting to check it since she changed her bloggy place on the web.

  6. Sending you some hugs - seems like you need them - I honestly don't understand why people are nasty :(

  7. Sorry you are having a shit time of it of late. Those anon keyboard warriors, are just that, anon. x

  8. I am new to blogging, and new to discovering the addiction of reading my fave blogs. You are one of my 1st faves, I find your writing very real. It's like you could be one of my mates typing away there. haha x
    You and my few other fave bloggers always brighten my day. Thankyou for that.
    I found the ettiquette entry fresh and truthful. Thanks for that. We could all do with a release of those truths every now and then. My blog attracted almost no comments, and left me wondering what was I doing? Maybe a journal is what I need to be doing haha! Maybe I'm not interesting yet. (I'm optimistic haha!)

  9. I'm sorry you've had a horrible couple of days.
    Look after yourself and your cranky pants.
    Andi x

  10. Hi Cath, hope things get better for you - and glad you're good at letting go (something I ought to learn...). Love the photo, and hope you have a better weekend xx

  11. Hello :)
    Sorry to hear you've had some nasty sorts, but hopefully all of us goodies far outweigh them!
    I too love your writing and honesty, and I felt I did understand where you were coming from, and that it was a valid point.
    Anyhoooo... can you send me a little of the Get.Over.It - it seems to go missing from my world. ;)

  12. Cath this is YOUR space and you can say what ever you like.

    crankychooky. it's got a good ring to it. non?

    Hope things look up for you soon. xo

  13. Yup agree with Tea with Lucy..

    : o )

  14. Oh Melinda is lovely, yippee for her. Why do anonymous bother?? I only seem to get anonymous escourt agencies & penis enlargements contacting me!! Hmmmm . . . love Posie

  15. I hope everything is getting better. I thought your post was fine, but I don't get the anonymous emails at all! Why be nasty when a blog is all person opinion anyway

  16. Glad that you feel better!!! Here is to happy days and lovely blog comments!!

  17. Glad you feel better and congrats to the winners. We are mostly all women so we fully understand 'cranky' so please don't let it get you down. Cherrie

  18. as everyone else has said, this is YOUR space & there is definitely no need from abuse or angry emails.

    If people don't agree with what you have to say then..don't come back, simple.

    I don't get into politics, religion or anything like that on my blog because hey, i don't think I could handle any abusive comments.
    So, well said Ms Chooky.

    yay for Melinda & Mrs G!

  19. I can relate to those feelings... I write lots of posts but they never make it to posting; vent then [DELETE] and both the post and the issue are gone. I like to try and keep my blog my happy space too {as much as I can anyway}. Look forward to being a part of YOUR happy space.
    Oh My Golly.... that photos is stunning too! ;)
    Carly x

  20. Oh I hope you will have a happy day today! I know those crazy abusive emails can throw you for a loop but, know that your regulars adore you and come back time and time again for all your wonderful ways.


  21. I'm sorry you had to deal with nastiness - especially anonymous nastiness. Your blog is your blog and if people don't like it they should just not come back. The people who enjoy a bit of realism will stick around.

    Congrats to those lucky, lucky winners and love your beautiful photograph.

  22. I'll love ya through the stormy seas and the still waters. You can ride in the limo with me any time but just be warned sometimes my limo looks like a bus!!!

  23. people are really miserable sometimes! :( I think it's lovely that you are so generous and share the books you get FOR FREE How lucky are you! I am one of the shy followers that read but wanted to say hello today~ hope you have a wonderful weekend...don't let the man get you down! x

  24. I know what you mean, Cath. There does come a time when you just have to let go and realise you're not responsible for the actions of others. Hard to do but healthier :) I am so amazed that people were abusive - but again, more about their problems with life than to do with you I think. There's not a lot of humility in the world these days - defensive acting out seems to happen a lot. I've just been reading a lovely quote at the end of this post...
    I really liked it - life is 10% what happens and 90% of how we choose to react to it :)
    Hope it's a great weekend for you and your lovely fam, Cath :) Kx

    p.s. My cushion arrived! LOVE it - thank you! :)

  25. Well I am just so glad that you didn't delete your entire blog - I would have been heart broken!!!

    Loving that gorgeous photo with this post. So fresh. So beautiful. Easy to feel less cranky with such beauty.

    Take care of yourself Cath. You're surround in this weird online world by people who really really dig you :)

  26. Hey Cath, another reader coming out of the woodwork supporting your choice to speak freely on your own blog. I read your blog because it's honest and funny and real with no attempt to be all fake nicey and "everything is so wonderful" all the time! Those kind of blogs kind of freak me out, and I hope despite the meanie anon/cowards, you retain your spirit and keep showing us your feisty-spark every now and again! xx

  27. Your post was actually quite thought provoking...and made me wonder about all sorts of blog etiquette related questions like...if someone becomes a follower of your blog should you automatically just become a follower of their blog?...or what about if you really like someones blog and you always leave comments and they never seem to visit your blog, do you still keep on commenting...I guess in the end you end up with a group of blog "friends" who keep on coming back no matter what and it's those "friends" who make blogging worthwhile! Happy Weekend.

  28. HI Cath, gee, I am shocked people were nasty- huh- why be nasty? I agree it's your space. I have had giveaways before and thought 'who are these people'. Although, before I had a blog I didn't really get commenting but did enter giveaways- I won a few and that's actually what prompted me to start my own blog- I felt Iike I was being included in a community, in some ways. I am sorry to hear people were mean though x

  29. My mother always said to me..... If you haven't got anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all!

    I'm all for having you own opinion but there's no need to be nasty about it!

    I love your blog, I love your honesty and even though I don't always comment I enjoy all the discussions you spark.

    Take care and have a lovely weekend!

  30. Sorry to hear you've had nastiness to deal with. I just don't understand people, quite honestly.

    I'm a terrible blogger and can get shy about commenting sometimes, so apologies if I only seem to pop up to rant about federal politics! Yours is a lovely blog and I check it all the time to keep up with your adventures. (This is the embarrassing part where I admit I have no idea how to 'follow'; I just have a huge folder of blogs in my bookmarks and I check in whenever I feel like reading a particular blog.)

    Good on you for making political posts and calling on people's bad behaviour. I think sometimes blogs can be a bit too 'nice' for fear of stirring up unpleasantness, which is such a shame. When you're feeling up to it, I hope you'll still make opinionated posts as well.



what a nice person you are- taking the time to comment in this busy hectic world...Thank you!!