Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Creative Space: All Worldly.

My Creative Space is large. This is new, and huge and looks spectacular.  I hung it up to take photos for Etsy but I love it so much I am keeping this one. I am going to teach Busy a new country every few days. How handy will she be for crosswords?

I can't help looking at New Zealand everytime I look at it. It is just so awful.

 Giant world map wall hangings are here
More Creative Spaces over here. at Kirstys house.


  1. I love your world!

    Thinking of all the folks in New Zealand, and all the people in all the places with so much unrest and violence. It seems a heavy time. Trying to send all the "Be safe, Be well" thoughts I can on the wind.

  2. Love that world map...reminds me of all those plastic maps we used to have hanging on the wall when I was in primary really wasn't that long ago I'm sure!

    Quite shocking the images coming out of Christchurch.

  3. I have my heart in my mouth when I hear/see/think what those Kiwis are going through. I hope Chef's family are coping beautifully.

  4. I'm still in shock about what's going on - that NZ have had this happen again and all the extreme weather things happening all over the place.
    Looking at your wonderful wall hanging makes me think of how close we all really are. I watched "The Day After Tomorrow" the other day - spooky parallels.
    Hope Chef's family are okay.

  5. It's just so devastating in NZ isn't it.
    Hope the chef's family are doing OK xo

  6. The map is fab. I'm going to check it out for the Tsunamis room.

    NZ is so sad. I can't stop watching the coverage and just feeling so devastated for that poor city. What on earth (!) is going on lately!?! x

  7. every week you come up with something even better!

    NZ is front and centre. Mother nature is pretty pissed. Sadness everywhere, north, east, west, across the seas.

  8. If I was financial enough I would SO be getting one of those Sweets, it would be perfect in our lounge room!!

    You ARE clever!

  9. Its fabulous Cath!
    Have I made a comment about Chunky Chooky going global before?? If not then I'm making it now. XX

  10. This is such a great idea for a wall hanging. I love having maps on the walls for the kids (and parents!) but they don't look as good as this. Fabulous!

  11. thanks for popping in :)

    it's really scary re nz.

    love your world map! my sister lives in sandy beach {near coffs} which isn't far from you and she was just talking about wanting a world map this week ~ her 2 yrs old son tore her beautiful paper one with his foot! will send the link to her.


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