Wednesday, March 16, 2011

life's simple pleasure

Although I spent many years in sweaty mosh pits and later at bush doofs really when it comes down to it, I love a musical.

This is my fave. I have been teaching Busy all the songs in the car from memory, but today the soundtrack arrived and I am in heaven. No one is home and it's just Julia and I singing up a storm. Really, what song is better than These Are a Few of My Favourite Things to sing to a little girl who is missing her Daddy (or for that matter when crossing the Alps fleeing Nazi Germany). And apparenty I just won $100,000,000 from British Tobacco- again!!
What a great day.


  1. This is one of my daughter's favourite musicals and she sings songs from it loudly and often! And we often change the words to be "How do you solve a problem like Matilda" - which she doesn't find very funny!!

    We're also off to see a local production of the musical in May which should be fun.

  2. I think kids are always really responsive to stuff that you loved as a kid - it is such a mystical thing as a kid to think of your parents as kids and a good excuse for parents to feel kid like too!

  3. Every child should grow up with the chance to appreciate both Abba and the Von Trapps. I can't win anything to save myself. But I do keep inheriting money from generous old widowers in Europe who want to give me, a complete stranger, all their money. Go figure!

  4. Love this soundtrack! :)) May I also suggest the Rosalind Russell (original version) of the musical Mame? (my absolute favourite). I get those strange 'wins' too... what a co-incidence (not)! :)) Have a great day, Cath. Kx

    p.s. things are a-happening here - I've been a-making for you know who :)

  5. Maria my child ... what is it you can't face?
    (Said with a slightly european accent makes for a naughty giggle).
    Andi xx

  6. Nice one Andi.

    This is a top fave in our house too. Ah, still my beating heart and pants.

  7. Oh...please....the sound track to grease is soooo much better!!!

  8. I'm with leonie!
    Grease 2 as well.
    Oh and don't forget it! X

  9. Oh, I love musicals too... I have a worryingly large repertoire of songs from musicals, and the unfortunate habit of singing them in the car when my husband is driving (unfortunate for him, anyway!)

  10. My munchkin is presently partial to Singin' in the Rain, but she wouldn't turn down a rousing round of Do Re Mi, either. Good stuff, and good for you for passing the torch, Cath!


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