Friday, March 25, 2011

This week I...

This week I booked a much anticipated holiday.
This week I held a tiny baby and watched as I saw a woman become the mother she has wanted to be for so long.
This week I realised I run a business. ( I know, I was slow on the uptake ... but I finally realised it is not just an Etsy shop it is a business)

This week I sat with my family in front of our big lounge room window eating our dinner together watching a very long snake hunt some finches in the trees.

This week  I saw the death of another gold fish and comforted  Busy as she shed tears over the death of little "orangey"

This week I realised yet again how much I love Chef's lentil salad.

This week I wished I had time to make something I have never made before.....

This week I had a several great ideas for new designs....
This week  I watched Busy draw endless pictures of rainbows, butterflies and of our family.

This week I noticed that Chef uses recipe books like I use craft books, rarely following exact instructions but getting lots of great ideas...

This week we saw a friend we have not seen in a long time and met his girlfriend who is ace and they are so perfectly matched and that is tops. 

This week I realised I had written a blog post very much in the style of my very good friend.


  1. This week I missed your voice and pictures in blog land.
    This week I started to get very excited about that upcoming holiday.
    This week I also held a new born baby and wondered how I could have ever been responsible for something so tiny.
    This week I read about your week and thought I could have written a post like that.

  2. I like posts like this, whichever of you writes them!

    What a busy, happy week you've had. I saw a teeny baby today & was shocked that my own teeny baby has disappeared so quickly!

    PS it seems Busy and me as a child had a similar style with names, Orangey could have been one of mine xo

  4. What a gorgeous post. I like reading about your week and all the good things in it.

  5. this week I checked over here more than once in case I'd missed a post (because I missed your voice and pictures too), and this week I realised that my girl was talking about Busy as a "real life imaginary friend", who tells her she can make things... just adding to the weird similarity thing, and possibly taking it just that bit too far! Hope your week to come is lovely xo

  6. this week, just like Catherine I checked in here a few times wondering where you were.
    today I received an awesome email about someone ever so wonderful coming to Melbourne!

  7. Haha! I was thinking exactly the same thing when you mentioned the similarity of your post to Kate's - so funny :) You've had a big week, Cath. Here's to the success of your wonderful business :) Kx

  8. Goodness, Cath...busy week! It's funny, I think the rest of us "got" the business bit way before you did---you're one of my Etsy heroes. And I've discovered this month that there is no "just" to running an Etsy shop...whew!

  9. Excellent post - love it. Wishing you another cracker week!

  10. sounds like a pretty nice week, oh, especially that baby bit, I do like babies. And that lentil salad, I do like good food too... hope the next one is ace.


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