Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Had you noticed that my posts never showed in your reader and that you had to click over here to read more than the title? I did not know that it was like that. Someone lovely pointed this out to me today and she also helped me fix it. Thanks Claire! You are ace!!! Cam also responded to my plea for Help. Thanks Cam. So this is to say sorry to everyone for what a pain that was and secondly to assure you it was not a ploy to get you to click over. I am not that clever!

So this is a test post about that to make sure this works.

I would also like to to take this moment to apologise for the many many many grammatical errors and typos I have in blog posts and leave in comments, it's just that I move through life quickly.... so here is my sorry. Sorry.

Below is a picture of our new letterbox that I asked the universe for. Ours fell apart after someone backed into it! ( we do not know who!) and I asked the universe to provide a new one. The same day I went into the oppy and there it was. Dirt cheap, and now painted red.
Life is good.


  1. Do you follow your own blog??
    I often wonder how my blog shows up in your reader but I feel a bit embarrassed about following myself. What does my blog look like?

    ps. I love the new avatar.

  2. I didn't notice, as i always click over to you!

    That is a perfect letterbox - especially painted red!♥

  3. I am also terrible with my proof reading and rush what I want to say too often and have to go back and edit alot lol so its nice to meet others who do the same thing.

  4. It's really weird because your blog used to show up and then all of a sudden it didn't!
    I don't think I have ever seen a letterbox at the oppy - how cool.

  5. Aw see, I thought you'd changed it on purpose when Kate had that trouble with someone ripping off her blog!

    Can you ask the universe to send me a jogger pram please, it obviously listens to you?! xx

  6. Hi, thankyou for making all of us grammatically typo and spelling challenged types a whole lot better. My little blog space is full of all of the above. :)

  7. "feel a whole lot better"...I forgot the key word...

  8. All's well now, Cath. And please don't apologise for the grammar, etc. I am hopeless!! (I even wrote that 'hopless' and had to change it... but I must say that after the Easter fest that just was, I do feel a little hopless!!) x

  9. Love your new letterbox , red sounds good !

  10. hey Cath, you are the only one in my reader whose blog I haven't been able to see- I just assumed you were the cleverest techo chick who would only divulged a little info at a time. re Kates comment- I didn't even know you could follow your own blog.
    Nice letterbox

  11. YAY!!!!

    It was working fantastic!

    Now one more little tiny request, please, oh please remove the word verification so that I know when I comment it will go through first time around.

    I promise the spam will go through to the spam filter...most of the time. You can leave it on for any posts a week or more old and that is where most spam goes....

    What do you think?

  12. YEAH it's working proper.
    Sorry I would have pointed it out too, but i thought maybe some thing of your blog meant we had to do that.
    And now you've got me wondering about my own blog in a reader xo

  13. Loving the yellow letter box! So happy.

  14. i too love the letterbox. so bright, cheery, fun. hoping you get lots of fun mail!! x

  15. i did think you purposely did it but I don't mind coz I always pop round anyway.
    lovin the leterbox, I definitely have not seen one of those before in an oppie.
    you know what makes me smile, when I see a comment by you & that beautiful pic of of you staring back. (does that sound weird..) you know what I mean, it's a great pic.


what a nice person you are- taking the time to comment in this busy hectic world...Thank you!!