Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trying something new

I have had a bee in my bonnet about lino cutting since Christmas...I saw Cathie do some and wanted to have a go.  I have wanted to try it but wondered... where do you get all the stuff from? the tools, the lino? and how do you actually do it??

Yesterday, I thought I would just start. Just try it. This is my very very very first time and I just worked it out by looking at the tools. OBVIOUSLY! Obviously no instructions were read or googled or anything...

 I started with a little drawing of  paper crane. I then set to work with the gouging. It was actually quite fun gouging away at something with sharp tools ( I am amazed no blood was shed) .....and when I actually worked out that the roller thingy, technical name: brayer, is suppose to be for putting the paint on, this actually confused the matter as I had been just dipping the stamp in the paint.


I had been using the brayer for rolling over the back of the stamp when it was on the page. The stamp came out much better when I did it like that. I do not know the rules for using the brayer but have found my way.

It's ok. For a first time go.

Now, I have plans for more little stamps.... 

I got my starter kit here.


  1. Your first go is great! Isn't it fun? Reminds me I should get my tools out again...thanks for the inspiration.

  2. For a first time, esp if you didn't skewer yourself, you did well. The last time I did lino cutting was at high school art class. A toothpaste tube. With backward writing... :P

  3. Very Cool!

    I did stamp carving at Stitches & Craft a couple of years ago & loved it. I actually remember lino cutting from school, I didn't enjoy that so much though - nor did I enjoy sewing class, but I certainly wish I'd paid more attention now!

    I have a bunch of carving tools I bought when I was carving a fake-blythe... maybe I'll have to revisit my youth...

  4. I still have scars on my fingers from doing it at high school. I did a big lino cut out of Johnny Depp. Oh, adult me cringes. :-)

  5. I think it looks fabulous Cath, and now you've got me interested too.
    And I'm so glad you also do things your way which is not necessarily the "proper" way xo

  6. Wow, Lino cutting bought back memories, we used to do it at primary school way back in the early 70's :)

  7. ahaha I love that you are lino cutting... and all of these comments! I am a high school Visual Arts teacher and totally subject my students to the torture that is lino work.

    There is actually a new and improved lino block that is double sided (twice the fun) and super soft, less skin lost! I actually made a bunch of wrapping paper this chrsitmas with the humble block!

    enjoy, bring on the resurgence!

    emily x

  8. Looking fab! I love that shape.
    We totally cut the crap outta our hands last year when we had a go here. Cutting rubber stamps has been on top of school holiday list but the tools are still in a neat pile. Maybe next time.

  9. Looks brilliant Cath!
    I bet its easy to slip and cut something!xx

  10. I think it's fabulous Cath! So spooky, though... I've just been thinking about posting a tutorial on lino cutting block designs for continuous patterns! How's that for synchronicity?! Love that you just went ahead and did it - my way of learning too :) Kx

  11. Nice one.
    I still have an old lino cut I did one christmas- must be over 20 years ago- it says 'peace on earth'...I reckon it must have taken me hours!

  12. Oh I wanna have a go! What a terrific result there!

  13. Ooo this looks fantastic, i have just started to teach a fabric printing class and we use lino blocks as one of the ways to trasfer an image onto the fabric!

    It is very fun and easy to make meter after meter of beautiful and unique fabric.

    I love the image you chose to.


  14. nice Cath! well done on doing things your way, that's what I love about you.
    it is fun, I much prefer the rubber stamps, so much easier to carve.
    can't wait to see some more of your creations ♥

  15. lino is good, yes! i love it cos it's a little bit dangerous for the fingers :)

  16. I loved lino cutting at school! hmmm should i buy a kit and re-kindle my youth??? *thinking* *thinking*


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