Monday, July 11, 2011


So today, I get this email from a PR company:

We’d like to invite you to… ************* has just been appointed to promote a press conference tomorrow 12th July from 11am – 1pm for ******** to celebrate the FIRST Sydney appearance of newly crowned Miss Universe Australia 2011, Scherrie-Lee Biggs. ********* is the official make up sponsor of the Pageant.  We realise that at this short notice it may be difficult for you to attend, so please see this email two fold; an invitation (we’d love to see you and introduce you to Australia’s new beauty), and to see if you would be interested in interviewing Scherrie-Lee about her beauty tips and beauty philosophy. 

Scherrie-Lee is a natural born beauty, who indulges in a healthy diet and lifestyle. Embracing a healthy philosophy on life, Scherrie-Lee adapts the same beliefs to her beauty regime; “I never thought that when doing something as glamorous as the Miss Universe Australia Pageant that the beautiful makeup I got from ***************** could ever have been natural,” she says.  ***********has quickly become Australia’s favourite mineral makeup range which have a no inclusion policy, removing toxic chemicals such as parabens, talc or bismuth from all products. ******** products remove blemishes, redness, pigmentation and uneven skin tone, on even the most sensitive skin. It’s no wonder Scherrie-Lee has enjoyed using it during the Miss Universe Australia 2011 search. 

Below you will find an invitation. Please let me know if you or anyone from your team would like to attend. If you would like to set up a time to speak with Scherrie-Lee on the phone or send through some questions via email (to answer prior to her jetting off for the international finals in Brazil in September), I would be happy to arrange this.

I know!! have they even read my blog??? Clearly not!

So of course I jumped straight onto twitter to report to those around at the time and see if I should do it or not!!! Vic, Cindy and Cam offered a variety of responses... what should I ask?? what do you think??
 Tell me!!! Cindy said to ask you what I should ask Scherrie-Lee?


  1. Has she heard of Slap Cosmetics' amazing mineral eyeshadow range?

    (That would of course simply be a plug for my friend's business. But it's the only question I'd have for her.)

  2. I'm more interested in learnng more about your 'team'.

  3. Oh Jodie, you make me laugh!!

    I'd be asking how she feels she best represents the good people of Bellingen.

    Ha! xx

  4. Haha! this is so funny! I was thinking about your 'team' too ;) Kx

  5. I would ask her the following questions?

    1) how many of my designer cushions can you fit in your couch?

    2) which is your favourite design?

    3) Will you promote my cushions as having 'beauty powers'? Apparently looking at them brings out the beauty in people, so I presume you have stared at them for a really long time.

    4) Can you please make me a cup of tea.

  6. They'd love to see you & introduce you to Australia's new beauty!

    I too am interested in your "team". Can I be on your team? (As long as it's not like a Harry Potter or a Twilight team. Or a masterchef team. Or pretty much any sort of team... I might not want to be on a team that would have me as a member anyway so let's just forget the whole thing right now...)

  7. I think she really needs a map bustier for her next frock. I want to know - does she craft her own dresses, is she re-using her frocks or recycling them, is she pressing for human rights if not why does she want to hang out here. (I of course love hanging out in Chunkychooky land)

  8. Hilarious! What is going on in Blog-land these days? Maybe the real world just doesn't get it?

    I too, am interested in hearing about your "team". I might ask her what bismuth is, but if I was really interested, I would
    probably just Google it...

  9. Lol! That's hilarious! But seriously, don't give up the opportunity. You could ask her if she crafts & if not, why not, does she know that it is really easy, easier than applying makeup! Take the opportunity given to you... go on, give it a shot!

  10. hehe that's an awesome offer! Reminds me of my amusement when I get phone calls to our home phone asking if Green Renters (basically me and my husband and few other volunteers) has offices (yes, offices) in other states.

  11. Oh Cath, that is hi.sterical! x


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