Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Best Buddy Birthday

Zac is 11 today. I cannot believe he is 11. People are often shocked that he is 11.
He is pretty good for his age, as we live in a huge steep hill and he runs up and down it every time someone arrives at our house, his heart is strong.
When he wakes from his many naps in the sun , he is a bit stiff and slow, he is going deaf and we know he has lost a bit of his eye sight, but he is still spritely. 
He is going a little grey under his chin- but still so very handsome. 
He will chase a ball until he is panting so hard that I think he is going to have a heart attack. 
 He is clever, he remembers a ball/ stick thrower for years. He has learnt when people arrive if you are waiting with a ball of stick and you drop it inside their car they will pick it up every time and throw it. 
He first dropped a ball in Busys lap when she was 2 weeks old- she started throwing it ( dropping it) at about 5 months old. 
He is patient and tolerant of children and other dogs.
He loves Busy and she loves him, she loves nothing more than him falling asleep with his head on her lap.
he loves it when we dress him up- he gets very excited! 
 He knows when I am sad and he looks at me with his head on the side with a look of such genuine concern that only other dog owners can understand.  
He can make me feel better, when sometimes nothing else can. 
When you scratch him under the chin, he puts his paw up to push your hand down to his chest where likes scratches and rubs best of all.
 He drives me crazy sometimes with his constant need to be under my feet and he does the most horrific whizpoppers you have ever smelt, honestly, I have no hair left on the inside of my nostrils. 
The last big sigh he makes before he goes to sleep at night is one of my favourite sounds. 
The middle of the night chchchchchch ( his nails on the wooden floor) down the hallway sound as he creeps into our room and lays on the floor beside me.
He has the ability to hear a chip packet open from several acres away. 
He has a love of dairy- cream in particular, like I have never seen before.
He still gets scared during storms.
I could not imagne my life without him.

Happy Birthday Zac. We all love you so. 
( Zac ate three pieces of this cake, had 2 lamb shanks for dinner and new toys to play with) 


  1. Sweet! Happy Birthday Zac! ... I can't wait to get bubba Joe a dog!!!

  2. That is so cute that you made him a cake and lamb shanks for his birthday! Lucky Zac.

    11 is old in dog years. He looks great! x

  3. Oh he's beautiful! What a great photo. Happy Birthday Zac - you are a sweetie :) Kx

  4. Happy Birthday Zacco!!

    My uncle had a cream loving Border Collie who once licked clean a bowl of whipped cream on my grandparents kitchen bench and then ate the sponge cake cooling beside it - to the point where my grandma though I'd put the cream in her sponge cake and washed up!

  5. What a well loved dog. We have a complulsive obsessive kelpie - obsessed with balls to the point of ridiculousness.

  6. appy birthday to your beautiful Zac! My he is handsome, i saw how special he is as soon as I saw the pic. He has beautiful eyes Cath. and he's a true dog, if that makes sense.
    loved your post, it's funny with pets and dogs often it's the funny and silly things about them that make them most dear.
    When ever I think of our dearly departed Mo, I always remember the most revolting and funny things about him which make my heart fill up with love and joy
    And yes your Zac does not look he's age. here's to 11 more wonderful years! xo
    PS yes I know about the way dogs ( and actually me cat who really is more dog than cat) know when we are sad. it's very special x

  7. Happy Birthday to Zac..I'm glad he had such a special day, cake and bones and new toys would make my dogs think happy thoughts too!

  8. happy birthday Zac!!! I love that you made him cake, that is so awesome.
    such a special day for you all.

    Our family dog passed away last month, he was nearly 15, kelpie mut. in his lifetime he's been stung by a swarm of bees, hospitalised,
    hit by a car and still survived to nearly 15.

    hugs ♥

  9. Another gorgeous tribute to your lovely friend. Happy birthday Zac.

  10. Happy Birthday Zac!

    He's beautiful - and looks so soft!

  11. Happy Birthday, Zac!
    He's one special friend xo

  12. oh your zac and my oakydog
    i noticed this morning that her 'fading' is now chin & foots...
    my dad was so pleased when i met my husb and told him so 'oh thank god, we are so pleasedthere is someone there for when something happens to oaky...' yep he said that... and he still married me and mine....

    your zac sounds like he doesn't have too many bad habits... want to share more?

  13. Happy Birthday Zac.

    Great cake :)

  14. Happy 77th Zac. Love your doggy world! Livin' the doggy dream...

  15. Love love love this post!! I read this to my hubby and we both awwww-ed and laughed and awwww-ed. Happy Birthday Zac, I've never heard of a puppy more worthy of such an amazing cake.
    x Alisa

  16. Happy Birthday Zac! And that is one cool cake. I'd be happy with lamb shanks on my birthday too!

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