Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Big School.

Busy started kindergarten orientation today, getting ready for starting school early next year. The parents went into the hall and the principal and a few teachers talked about the school. The children went into the classroom and made things and sang songs and generally had  2 hours of fun!

However, I,  cannot stop crying. I fought hard the whole 2 hours to stop from crying- I kept welling up and then later on this afternoon when I was alone in the car I cried, my heart feels like it will break in two.

I am not ready for her to go to school but I know she is ready and wants to. I know she has to go but I am barely coping.


  1. It took me about two weeks to not feel lost when my youngest started school full time. Keeping in mind they start young here in the UK - she had only turned four two weeks prior to starting. She was the youngest in her class. Five years on? Today is the first day of the school year here and I can't wait!

  2. Oh, you poor darling. I can't even imagine. I hope the tears don't last long and you both settle into a new rhythm. xx

  3. Popps is off to big school next year too.

    We can hold virtual hands together on the first day of school next year.

    I think I will be ok, Popps is a year older than average so I feel she is mature enough to work through most things. This is what I tell myself anyway!!

  4. Oh honey, big huge hugs to you.
    It is such a full on emotional time.

    The couple of months before they started big school, both my school girls were horrible. Like they had had enough of me and being at home and were ready for something new. Even though it ached to have them go off, I was positive they were ready and needed it. Something tells me Busy is so ready too.

    If only us Mum's could handle change and them growing up as easily.


    ps. gosh I love a good car cry.

  5. Oh you poor blossom! I feel the same way and Joe is only 8mths old!!!!!

  6. Oh, big Busy... I am crying with you today xo

  7. Oh Cath, you sweet soul. What a lucky girl Busy is to have such a loving mum. Hugs to you. xxx

  8. Oh, it is tough. We still probably remember being young and wanting to grow up fast. now. yesterday.

    But now that we are mums, it all seems to happen too fast.


  9. Oh Cath. I'm right there with you. I didn't realise busy & aila are the same age. my heart's breaking in anticipation too. we had a trial morning last week and she loved it. i also found out our local steiner kindy is just three mornings a week, which i think is a nice gentle transition from 'home' to 'school' . . . for me at least!

  10. So sad, I cried for all of mine :-) School is great though and she'll love it!

  11. Oh Cath, it's so hard isn't it? I still cry every so often when some new yardstick hits me over the head ;) I'm so glad she loves school (it's even harder when they don't!) Much love, Kx

  12. I know - we all have to deal with these changes and letting go...

    Today I cried because I let Seby ride his bike to rowing today and he did not call to tell me he arrived. I went down and he of course was having the ball of his life (he apologised lots) and I got back in the car and cried. I know a lot of it is loosening the umbilical cord even more. It keeps happening the older they get - it never stops!

  13. At least she's not the one crying!
    You'll be fine. Just be a big girl and take a deep breath and watch her soar to new heights!!!!

    PS Chocolate also helps ;)

  14. Car cries were invented for exactly those moments. Poor Possum! Deep breaths honey, and focus on the knowledge that this is right for your Busy, even if it does feel all wrong for you.

  15. Ah, I remember this well. I don't know you well, but I can easily empathise with this post. I howled after my two started. Still get very sad when they are away from me. Like now... can you pass a tissue please?

  16. oh Cath, sending you big love and hugs.
    I can imagine this would be a very emotional time for you.
    I know I would be EXACTLY the same if I had a kid.
    take care of yourself. xoox

  17. Oh i know! Totally heartbreaking. It is a bit easier over here... E. has been going to the local primary school two days a week this year ... so next year when it is full time it "should" (theoretically) be an easy transition.
    ... but the idea of him being away every day... boo-hoo.

  18. you silly bugger....she'll have a BLAST!! xx

  19. Oh sweetie, the first person she's going to want to share it all with is you. My littlest is starting next year too - I'm going to be in serious cuddle withdrawal.
    Big hugs, Alisa xx

  20. Oh no! I have no advice, I'll be a mess too when mine start; how old is Busy? Punk won't be starting school, we finally decided, until the year she turns 6, which for her, being a January baby, will mean she will be 6 when she starts... we'll probably be sick of each other by then so it will be more of a relief than a wrench? (I can dream!)

  21. Oh I know exactly what you mean! I wish I was as ready to go to school as my two girls are - they will both start next year and the smallest will go to pre-school for 5 hours a week.
    I fear they will be the quietest hours of my life!
    I have been told by others who have gone before me that you will be in awe of all that your little one learns and the enthusiasm they come home with - I am hoping this will sustain me!
    Good luck and keep some tissues handy.

  22. i cry at anything!
    i know how you feel, I look at Aidan and I just tear up thinking of him going to 4yr old next year.

    it's like the baby is gone, it all changes, sorry to tell you. I see the changes in Amelie, the maturity, independence.

    you know she needs it and you will love the changes too.

    as much as we want them to stay babies forever, they can't. crying is good, good for the soul...maybe not the mascara...hugs Cath ♥

  23. Ivy too. So nice we have matching little ones...but I hear you, I can hardly think about it without tearing up. I am terrified. She is excited. It's going to be so hard to let go and let them go out into that Lord of The Flies little world....few months to go yet though. Thank dog.


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