Saturday, October 29, 2011

Greys and why I love them

I love grey. I wear a lot of grey. I use to live in a house painted grey. I love it in all its forms. So here are the latest from My Bearded Pigeon.  
In grey.
Or silver.

Its grey outside today but that's ok. We are having a festival break as our little town celebrates the first ever River Festival -which is such a wonderful idea and so long overdue. There is a lantern parade tonight and Busy and I made her lantern this morning. The bridge that divides town will be closed while all the children walk across with the lanterns they have made. How pretty is it going to be??!! Then we will be floating candles across the water. Its all very exciting and everyone in town is joining in.

I chose this colour scheme of yellow and grey as I kept seeing it over at this clever ladies place and I kept loving it. Thanks for the inspiration Kylie

             Hope you are having a fun weekend. 
Swing past on Monday I am hosting the most excellent of giveaways!!


  1. That sounds brilliant! Please take some photos if you can, to show us! (i love grey too!)xx

  2. it does sound like a wonderful celebration. Nothing like a community event I say. Have a happy one. x

  3. Hope you're having loads of fun at the festival.

    I am a lover of grey also. My favourite colour for without a doubt. It looks good with everything... and yep - yellow too.
    Love these cushions. You're going great guns Cath. It is so very wonderful. I am super stoked for you.

  4. Love the grey and yellow :) These are fabulous as always Cath. Can't wait to see photos of the lanterns. Kx


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