Monday, December 12, 2011


I meant to schedule this post before I left -we were in Bangkok on our 11/11/11 and we were at a gemstone factory seeing how precious stones are made into jewellery and Chef bought me a diamond ring!! - and but I

I actually do have all my fingers it looks like I am missing a few bits

didn't want to not post it. So its late, (Kate reminded me because its her 12 today) he bought is because it perefectly matched my wedding/engagement rings - it has 9 diamionds- not 11. So this post is late but still very importnat.

Today, on the 11/11/11 at approximately 11pm exactly 11 years ago I fell in love with Chef. 

Eleven years since "the declaration."
Eleven years since you stole my heart.
Eleven years of you cooking for me
Eleven years of me loving that you cook for me

Eleven years of cackles and hugs
Eleven years of dancing in the kitchen
Eleven years of in- jokes
Eleven years of morning coffees shared
Eleven years of friendship and love.
Eleven years of staying up late
Eleven years of river swimming
Eleven years of crossword agitation
Eleven years of silly names
Eleven years of growing older
Eleven years of  waking up next to you.
Eleven years of coping with my impatience
Eleven years of picking up your dirty socks
Eleven years of fun love and laughter.
Eleven years since Zac and I fell in love with you.

Happy Anniversary Mr.  


  1. Eleven is a fab number (rhymes with heaven, right!?) and that is a very, very beautiful ring. Happy anniversary, Cath and Chef! x

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! What an amazing picture of the love-heart cloud, and a gorgeous ring..x

  3. Happy Happy Anniversary Cath and Chef! What a gorgeous post!XXX

  4. That made me smile in the middle of a dull working day! Happy anniversary to all of you and congratulations on having a bloke with great taste!

  5. Happy anniversary you 2 kids!!

  6. Happy elevens!!
    It does indeed sound like heaven to me. x

  7. Ah, I love a bit of symmetry in an odd number - and parallel lines. Happy anniversary Excellent Ones.

  8. Happy 11 to you and your Chef Cath! beautiful post made me all squidgy in the tummy and bit teary too.
    Here's to eleven more and eleven after that and so on and so forth! xox

  9. happy (belated) elevens to you and Chef, Cath - and this is one lovely post xo

  10. Wow. 11 is THE number then!

    Congrats to you both :)

  11. This is so crazily BEAUTIFUL!!!! Gorgeous post!! Oh Happy 11 to you and the Chef!!

  12. Happy Anniversary! So beautifully written Cath. So warm and true. x

  13. Happy Anniversary & Merry Christmas! Your New Guinean cushion went down a treat with it's new owners! Thank you. I'll pop in again after the holidays.


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