Monday, January 16, 2012

Again, with the Happiness Project.

So I have got a few people onto this book now and they/ you are all loving it. One of the (many) things about the book that I love is how easily I was able to see parts of my own life reflected back to me. I have been on a quest of sorts to assess my own energy levels. This is the first thing Gretchen does in the book and I am not planning on living my year like hers but certain things really made me think.

One of the  biggest things I learnt from the book that has increased my energy levels is this: GET MORE SLEEP. I know so simple right??  But for the last week I have NOT been getting up at 530-6am to try and get some Etsy work done before I either have to go to work or before Busy gets up. I have been waiting to get up when Busy does ( about 630-7am) and it has been great! I don't feel like I am running behind, I don't feel like there is so much to do still. I feel more rested. I feel less cranky. It was that simple. MORE SLEEP!

The other thing I have been doing is I have JUST started seeing a personal trainer.  I initially thought "I shouldn't have to pay someone to motivate me I should just get off my own bum and start jogging again" ...but 3 months went by and I didn't. I didn't even get my trainers out of the cupboard. A good friend of mine has been seeing this personal trainer for a few months and is feeling great and looking great and I have sat on my bum for 3 months thinking I should just start jogging but not actually doing anything about it.

So  I have started with the personal trainer -she is nice. She doesn't yell or scream in your face just encourages and pushes you to kep going push yourself a little harder. Of course in my inpatience-don't-do-anything -by halves mindset I want to immediately start going every day and be fit overnight. Obviously this is not going to happen. On Saturday afternoon I attempted to go for a run with disasterous results, it was demoralising to realise how far I COULDN'T run anymore- how unfit I have become. But on the flip side I have started - I am doing something about the fact that I cannot run anymore, and as I am fond of saying nothing motivates you more than starting!
Wish me luck.


  1. Congrats on getting started - always the hardest part, isn't it?

    Ans on the sleep: so true! I wish I would go to bed sooner on a regular basis... definitely something I am working on!

    Good luck, hope you achieve your goals!

  2. I love this... sleep is such a simple thing but it really does make such a difference, doesn't it? I'm still in the procrastination camp with the exercise thing. I've been saying I'm going to start walking, going to yoga etc for ages... still hasn't happened, of course. My new deadline is once the girls are back at school again... one more week! Here's hoping I find that resolve ;) Good on you for actually taking the plunge, Cath! Kx

  3. I randomly downloaded this book this morning and had absolutely no idea what it was about. I haven't even finished the first chapter yet but I am excited to read it.

  4. You have started! That is awesome! I plan to start in 2 weeks when my youngest heads off to kindy. Fingers crossed I'm as dedicated as you. Good luck Cath xxx

  5. Simple, huh? Just so bloomin' simple. ER, so what's stopping me?!

  6. Nope, I can totally do almost everything she talks about except those two. I cannot go to sleep early and the one time I tried to walk far I got blisters from my work boots. Think I need runners. Hoping farm work counts as excersize.
    U R ace! xx

  7. Love it - starting is seriously half the battle. I have dug out my copy of this book for a bit of a reread - it's definitely a motivating book. I need to work on so much to get my energy back but like you I just need to start.
    Amanda xox

  8. In regards to sleep... for some people this post might be considered as a little bit like bragging ;)


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