Monday, February 06, 2012


We did this deck renovation last year and I have been meaning to show you since I took these photos when we finished it. We have been talking about doing this renovation since we bought this house 8 years ago. This is how it use to look.  Oh how we disliked that window!!

It took us so long to do as we wanted to do  it right. We wanted to use locally grown and milled hardwood timber - not cheap stuff imported from Indonesia. We wanted it to be an outside room, with ceiling fans and lights and insulation and a nice roof.

 We wanted the bannister to be wide enough to rest a drink on. 

 We wanted a big wooden heavy door and a sliding screen to as I don't know how people can live here without screens- too many bugs. 

We wanted to have a few pieces of furniture but not have it filled to the brim with day beds and hammocks. 

You know who loves that swinging chair? I call it my nest. It is so comfy. 

 We also fixed the old adjoining deck we hardly used. It was not fully covered by the roof and the wood was rotting, we never used it - it wasn't nice. 

The new deck is 30 square metres and the old deck is about the same. The outside is almost as big as the inside now. 

How cute are the mushrooms? They are heavy ceramic and I love them so much. 

Next step will be rendering. We have bought 6 colour samples now we just need to argue about decide on the colour. There is one thing I haven't shown you about the deck as it's not quite finished yet.... I will show you when its done. 

We love it so much. It just feels so huge now - it has changed the whole feel of the house. 
Plus now are even closer to the big gum tree we have always loved. 

If you want to join in pop over the the MPAY hosts house. 

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  1. What a wonderful space! Well done you guys.

  2. Looks just gorgeous! It is worth waiting for things if it means being able to get them right, rather than something you'll always look at and see things that you want to change. Can't wait to see more. :)

  3. It's gorgeous Cath, so much space and light yet so comfy and cosy looking.
    And it's wonderful when you've wanted to do something for ages, and when it's done you love it perhaps even more than you expected! xo

  4. I love your space. One day we hope to do this too.....

  5. I bet it is a wonderful spot early on a Summer morning. A lovely place to start the day?

  6. Wow Cath, I love it!!! Looooove that hanging chair, and those mushrooms ARE amazing!

    Yay for you guys! I'm pretty jealous right now though. ;)

  7. Great outside space, looks very comfy. And the mushroom table and chairs are adorable - my girls would love them:) Cyndy

  8. FANTASTIC!! Its looks brilliant. I remember you talking about it in Melbourne. LOVE IT!! x

  9. OMG Cath - that is amazing!
    It is like another huge room.
    I love that you have a ceiling fan too. Brilliant!x

  10. That is an awesome deck! Looks like a great spot to rest a drink.


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