Monday, April 30, 2012

I made something- not a cushion.

I decided I wanted to make the baby something as I am now 17 weeks pregnant and feeling quite sane and healthy. Busy now refers to my "condition" as The 100 Year Pregnancy as it is apparently taking FOREVER for the baby to come out! 

I can't remember the last time I actually sewed something for pleasure and I remembered this fabric I had bought to make a quilt out of ages ago.  I used some fabric that is already quilted kind of for the back but realised after I had finished that it really needed something in between. I sewed a few little lines in it to keep it together and of course it is very wonky but I finished it and the baby won't mind if its wonky! (get use to it kid- thats how I roll) 

I have been trying not buy the baby anything really as we have everything plus some but on the odd occasion I just have too! Like this beautiful basket, we had one for Busy but she uses it now as a toy basket and I am reactant to start taking things out of her room for the baby. I saw this in the local vintage shop and got very excited. 

An then I saw these over at My Poppet shop, how cute are they? 

Lovely Jess  surprised me with this most delightful Elephant for our baby which I absolutely love. I cried when I opened it as it is so lovely and it was so kind of Jess to send us something. Thank you again. ( Those of you on Instagram may remember the teary picture when it arrived)  and if you haven't checked out Jess's bears have a look here! They are so beautiful.  

I feel like tis been so long since I blogged but I have been visiting a bit and not commenting... you know how it is. 
What have you been making? Tell me all about it! 


  1. Love that fabric! I really must get a sewing machine, I have so many ideas and plans. Glad to hear you're feeling good!

  2. I will bet you have a really nice lot of fabric in your stash. Besides Baby will never know if something is wonky or not if you "train" him right from the beginning!

    Renee :)

  3. congratulations!! am so excited for you :)
    love the blanket too xx

  4. So many gorgeous wonderful memories will come from all these lovely things :) Jess is a sweetheart, that's a fact. Kx

  5. Hooray!!!! Love this post.
    I reckon making for baby is the best part about making a baby.
    Until it comes out that is.
    I think I'd better get a making too.
    Love your quilt chooky.

  6. I adore your quilt, the fabric is superb and you've done a superb job of it too. Don't you know wonky lined quilts are far more comfy and snuggly than straight ones ( not that i can see the wonky lines)
    And you're so more than welcome. I love knowing he is in such a lovely and special home. thank You for the gorgeous and kind thing you said about me and my guys twice today . xo
    PS I love the basket too.

  7. Oh, that basket is so sweet and so is the elephant. Your blanket is lovely and extra special, wonk or not, because you made it for your babe. Cohen tells people now when they ask him about things that I made him, "Mama made for me cos she loves me." Awww. :)

  8. Oh I LOVE the elephant!

    YAY you did a quilt! GO you!

  9. it's a beautiful quilt, Cath (and I think the not-having-something-in-between will make it perfect for hotter days... and it can always be layered for colder ones). So glad that your baby already has a beautiful made-by-Jess creation too xo

  10. and now I'm going to go and seal the wonky little garden gnomes we made on the weekend...

  11. BAH! I clearly have been neglecting my blog reading... Congratulations on the upcoming bun! Love the basket and blankie :) xx

  12. Such a lovely baby blanket Cath, looks brilliant paired with the new basket - and Jess' little Ellie for company. That will be one happy bub! : )

  13. Please start knitting? I realise you'd probably have to move south - but it's fabby newborn craft. Turns out my Mr isn't signed up to a fourth, just so I can knit.

    Meanwhile, you rock the wonk, Chooky! And the quilt.

  14. Well, at least you haven't been blogging due to something growing a real little human being inside you :)
    I haven't been blogging because I haven't been motivated enough to say anything.
    I have however been creating by sewing, knitting, cooking and firing up my embroidery machine after more than a year. Maybe my enthusiasm for blogging will come back sometime soon too.


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