Friday, August 10, 2012


Our dog Zac is 12 today. He is getting really old now and I can see him slowing down. He is going blind and deaf and just not as quick off the mark as he use to be. When he awakes from a long nap, of which there are many, there is a stretching and creaking in his bones. 

He still meets me at the bottom of the driveaway every time I get home and runs up beside my car making me laugh at his excitement in the rearview mirror. He still gets excited when my Mum comes to visit as he knows there are treats in her bag and he will be spoilt. 

He still loves to go for a drive and always minds my seat until I get back.

He still loves cuddles from Busy who has loved him from the moment she first saw him. She misses him when we go away and she often points to him when he is asleep and says "look Mumma look how cute he is..." he is still tolerant of her insistence that he lays in her lap. 

 He is still  the biggest sooki-la-la in the world and is so gentle with kids despite his 30kg size. He has taught so many children that not all dogs are scary. 

He still gets under my feet all day and drives me crazy. 

He still loves cream and milk and all thing dairy.
He still clip clops down the hallway every night and sneaks into our bedroom and lays down next to me on the floor. 
He is still the master of pleading doggy eyes.
He still barks at every car that comes up the driveway and puts on his scary bark when people he doesn't know arrive and Chef isn't home. He often has couriers too scared to get out of the truck until they see me. 
He is still my most loyal friend. 
He is such a big part of our lives and we have been so lucky to have him for another year. 
Happy Birthday Zaccy-boy. 
Please don't leave us for a very very long time. 


  1. I got a bit teeary reading this post!
    Your Zaccy-boy sounds a lot like our Wogan. 30 kg of big softie with a menacing bark for the postie. I dread the day he leaves us.
    Enjoy today and hope there are many more x

  2. Oh he's just beautiful! Pet is such an inadequate word, isn't it? Kx

  3. Happy Birthday puppy dog.
    Such a sweet member of your family.

  4. Furry friends are the best - Happy Birthday Zac!

  5. Happy Birthday Zac!
    What a gorgeous best friend!xx

  6. I don't own a dog, but I still can appreciate your bond. Love the photo of him in the mirror and drivers seat!! I often see dogs "driving" cars, it would be a great series of photos.... here's to more life in the old dog yet!

  7. Happy Birthday Zac. You are a lucky guy!

  8. Is there anything quite like the love of a good dog? Beautiful post.

  9. Awww, he's lovely. Our Labrador will be 14 next month, and he sounds like he is getting older just like Zac. He's beautiful and I'm exactly the same ~ I'm constantly telling him he has to live forever!

  10. Caught me off guard and made me cry thinking about our Bodie with his wild scary bark meant for all the unknown type people coming up the drive. It was like he saved that bark special for them and their pamphlets. I hope your pup lives a long time. <3

  11. Oh gosh, this does make me miss my old Rastas, when he reached 17 I thought he would live forever but it was not to be. I hope your Zac doesn't leave you for a very, very, very long time. He looks lovely :)


  12. What a lovely post made me think of all the wonderful dogs that have passed though my life

  13. he's adorable, hope he's part of your life for mant years more :)

    Happy Birthday Zac!


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