Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So I sewed.

As the hardness of August draws to a close I remember a while back Kate was feeling low and Farmer Bren sent her to sew. 

To spend a day sewing. I don't know why this piece of advice stayed with me but it did.

Perhaps because it mimicked  the words of Gretchen Rubin about doing what you use to do when you were a child and that is what makes you happy. 

So I just started making things. 

First I made this quilt for the baby.

It has denim on the reverse and fleece in the middle. I dont have a walking foot so I freaked out about the actual quilting bit worried I would ruin it and just did little cross stitches at regular intervals to keep the layers together. 

Then I made a change mat. 
How cool is this moustache fabric? I love it! I used some iron on waterproof stuff for fabric- it is just like contact really. My friend made me an absolutely beautiful change mat out of a all different types of vintage cottons but I said it was way to nice to get poo on so I will use hers for a playmat. 

The reverse is not waterproof but I think that will be ok. ?

Then staying with the baby theme I wanted to make a nappy clutch thingy. I had seen a few around but I didn't like the fabric then I found some tutorials but they all looked either to big, to small or to complicated.  So I made my own pattern up and sewed one out of my favourite fabric ever. Still need a clasp for it I think...

Then I made a little fabric book to go inside the nappy clutch and of course what baby could be truly happy without a chunkychooky rattle?

And it worked. 
I started to feel better. 
I do feel better.

I think I was adjusting to. As the days wore on and I have gotten use to being on maternity leave. I have had to adjust and realise I can slow down.  
I now have time to do things. 
Time for MBP and time for all those appointments and blood tests and other things you need to do when you are pregnant. Time to pick Busy up from school and talk at the school gate. Time to do reading and go to her sports carnival and school excursions.
Time to read books and day dream.
Time for little afternoon naps.
Time to meet friends for coffee. 
Time to sew for FUN! 
Time to chuck stuff out and sort through things and clear things out and get things fixed.
I don't feel like I have had time for 5 years. 
We still have a shed to build and to move my studio into it in the next 6 weeks but I am feeling marginally less anxious about this as the slab has been laid and building is suppose to start this week. But I am itching to set up my new space, 4 x 3 metres all to myself. (The shed is a lot bigger than this but my walled off section is that big)
Plus I have a babies room to decorate! 
That is very exciting! 
6 weeks to go- but this baby may kick its way out before then, you can see my stomach moving ALL THE TIME- its  like Alien. Its weird. Busy wasn't like this at all.


  1. I love everything, especially the quilt! Enjoy your time to do all those things there never seems time to do..x

  2. *points at the beautiful items* what a talent! Everything you made is fantastic, adore the moustache fabric :)

  3. They are just gorgeous, enjoy your weeks ahead :)

  4. I feel the same about seeing or just being creative. I always feel better. Love the 'stache fabric!

  5. bloody predictive text... I meant 'sewing' not 'seeing'.

  6. Big cheers for doing what makes you happy! Such lovely things too.

  7. loving all your makings, and that moustache fabric is awesome. And I'm not a fan of tache.
    and yes making is such great therapy for feeling better,
    enjoy your time to adjust settle nest and do whatever ! xo

  8. I'm sorry I missed your other post Cath - What a tumultuous month. I really feel for you and understand what you're going through (I have my own version of that here but not all in one month). Yes, I craft my way through these things too - it's amazing how much it can help. What you've made is just fabulous! Love them all. I'd love to make the new baby some crochet bunting but I'm hoping you can give me some guidance on colours please :) Take good care and enjoy these last 6 weeks :) Kx

  9. wow! what wonderful things you've made!
    if busy, wasn't that busy, what will this bub be called!?! tee hee!

  10. hope you are still making and feeling alot better than last week.
    don't forget with pregnancy comes alot of hormone changes, ups & downs.
    gorgeous creations & am so excited for you as you await your newest creation.
    hugs to you Miss Chooky and glad that August is finally over ♥

  11. Hi there. I stumbled upon your blog last week... and then your Etsy.. and was so inspired by you. I'm in school for ecology and used to do a lot of artwork and sewing, etc... but somehow lost my motivation. You were quite an inspiration and I just wanted to stop and tell you thank you. :) Congratulations on your soon to be little one.. I have two myself (teens now) and I sincerely do not know what I did for fun before they were born. Have a joyous birth! :)


what a nice person you are- taking the time to comment in this busy hectic world...Thank you!!