Friday, June 28, 2013

Some stuff:

Have you seen this blog!!!?? Holy heck it's awesome!  

Have you read this? I am sad at how Julia was treated. Like her politics or not she was treated in an appalling way from Day 1! 

I really want this, because its how I feel most days. Healthy family, a roof over our heads and food in our belly. 

Have you watched  this WE LOVED IT!! 

Have you tried this? I have been crocheting with it and love it!  it's very quick and satisfying! ( I will show you when I finish) 

Have you read this? It gave me nightmares,I couldn't read it before bed, but I think everyone should read it. It's scary what our government allows to happen. 

We have been listening to The Beatles a lot lately. So many lovely songs about love. So many nice songs for kids to sing because we like to dance at home and sing loudly. Do you? 

I ate buffalo last night,  Chef made  Buffalo Burgers it tasted beefy. Have you tried it? 

What is this stupidness??? Seriously, just eat some fruit and veg. 

Who are these morons saying you can't be a feminist and a knitter??!!! Shut up!!! Great overview here

Somebody is a bum shuffler! I cannot believe Rom-pom is 8 months old. No!!! she makes me cackle every day!

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and between times I am here .

Come back soon to hear about the story of Etsy a copy cat and a lovely lovely outcome! 
Have a great weekend! 


  1. She is adorable! We have an odd little bum shuffler too- it is so cute to watch!! I have been wondering about House of Cards, sounds like I need to watch it.

  2. Um, 8 months!!!! Oh my!!! She is super cute. I am so glad to hear that the copy cat outcome was a good one. I'm looking forward to checking out all the links too x

  3. Great round-up, love, and super-cute bum-shuffler... but you HAVER to tell this Etsy story now.

  4. I've just made the move to Bloglovin too and yes I'm followin you Cath :)
    We've seen the Brit version of House of Cards and loved it - will look up this one too. Thanks for the info.
    I'm still trying to get my head around this week in politics - I'm very torn I have to admit.
    Love seeing your pics of Rom-pom ... such a cutie :)

  5. Yes indeed - eat some fruit and veg and be done with it (no buffalo passing these lips by the way but my little carnivore M. would probably give it a go). Loving that piece about Julia and knitting. It's been a tough week - lots of tears shed. I'm so proud of her - so proud of her dignity and grace. I wish I could go and give her a huge hug and let her know how thankful I am to her and how sorry I am that so many people in our community acted so disgracefully (even now tears roll down my cheeks just thinking of the ways in which she has been treated). I loved Rob Oakeshott's final speech referencing how proud her father would have been, and yet somehow it will never be enough to outweigh the vitriol of Alan Jone's comments that her father died of shame.
    Thanks for the heads up re: House of Cards. Sounds good. I loved West Wing and I know that you too were a fan of The Wire so I'm adding House of Cards to my list of things to watch once I'm couch bound and breast feeding with babe #4.

    ... and eight months on already hey? That has gone fast. Awfully fast. She is so beautiful - I'm so glad she makes you laugh.


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