Monday, January 20, 2014

The moments in-between.

You know that saying the days are long but the years are short? Is it actually a saying or is it just from here.  Isn't it true? Sometimes I feel like life is flying past and all the beautiful things are happening but there is so much mundane repetition I am worried I will forget all those little moments. 

Pyjama days with Busy. I love watching her making something, concentrating and always with the tongue. Tongue out to help. I love that all her friends all have the wonky crocked uneven teeth 6 year olds have. 

Because in between is the mundane life stuff: the constant piles of washing, folding, sorting, the sweeping, cleaning, the cobweb removal, the mould removal the dust removal the dirt removal, the dog hair ball removal, the goddam motherf%^*ing NIT REMOVAL!! 

But I am trying really hard to notice those great moments in between. 

The quiet moments breastfeeding outside under a blanket listening to the birds. The afternoon light making rainbows via the rainbow maker. The hysterical cackling from Rom-pom when Busy does silly dances. The funny look on her face when I have towel wrapped around my wet hair. (Why do babies find it the funniest thing ever when you put something on your head? How much do they make you feel like the best comedian ever?) The nice feeling I get when Chef gets home from work, happy to see him again (and hand him a baby). The screaming and laughing and gloating when we play UNO together, and how great it is to see Busy win fair and square. The catch ups with friends, even if they are brief. 

The brief moment to craft again. 

This blanket I have been making for several Winters. The hook feels so weird, so small after hooking with the giant wooden hook. I have decided to just enjoy making it rather than focusing on finishing it and I already feel so much better about it

I have been meeting up for crochet with some local women. It's just been so nice. Its all quite spontaneous and easy. Sometimes I don't get much done when we meet up because R won't let me.  

And I baked. Bread and a cake! 


The nicest and easiest date and chocolate cake from The Cooks Companion by Stephanie Alexander. We had another Chef and his lovely family coming over for dinner and I wanted to help cook dinner because I never do. They were both yum and my cooking confidence has increased a little bit more. 

What are you making? What are you finding repetitive? 

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  1. I once made a stitchery of that saying....I'll have to dig it out of the pile. I was so so close on the weekend and would have loved nothing more than to throw in the family-towel and come for a visit.... I would put silly things on my head and bring cake too. (No nits though, one of the advantages of long service leave)


what a nice person you are- taking the time to comment in this busy hectic world...Thank you!!