Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bee inspired.

Earlier this week, after much waiting and anticipation, our bee hive arrived. We our now proud bee keepers! Our bees are native stingless bees, perfect for the climate we are in (mid north coast NSW). The Latin name for the species is Carbonaria. There are 1600 species of bees native to Australia, but the stingless is the only one that store pollen and honey for the group rather than just for themselves.

They are so lovely and make me so happy. We watched them fly off for the first time yesterday and return home later with big blobs of pollen on their back legs for their queen. Their honey is called sugar bag. We will get about a jar of honey per year - we aren't really doing for the honey though. We are doing because the world needs bees, and they are dying from pesticides and poisons.

Are you interested in finding out more? Contact Tim via his website.









  1. Hi there. We have watched a friend split a hive of native bees. The scent and holy atmosphere of the hive and honey left us all feeling amazing. It tasted like medicinal honey. Joy. Glad to hear of more hives being supported. Where on the coast are you? I'm in Bellingen

  2. Oh my gosh I am so excited for you.
    I adore your little bee box.
    And cannot wait to hear all about your bee adventures.
    Will you need a smoker and all the gear or are they different because they are stingless? x

  3. No, no gear required , the hive just gets opened up, it's in 3 pieces, and you pour out the honey. They make me so happy!

  4. Oh those bees are so delightful, I have been neglectful to my bees and have yet adorned their hive, shame on me, will need to remedy that poste haste. Also wanted to say that I loved your little video clip on your bearded pigeon page, gorgeous. mwah. xxx

  5. ooohh, I've been hearing about this. I'm definately interested. Although I'd love more than 1 jar a year (...i love me some honey, sugar :)) I might just have to go investigate

  6. I am so interested!! I'm heading to Tim's website now... x


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