Monday, April 20, 2009

cubby house

Busy is right into cubby houses at the moment ( IF ONLY we lived in the UK and I could have one of the above from Wove on Etsy), so there is one permanently over part of the lounge. Its just the sheet over chairs variety but there are cushions and cups and saucers inside to make tea. This is a little annoying as it really is impacting on where we can sit but she does love it and really its not worth taking it down- she is 2 - this obsession will pass. But it did get me thinking about cubby houses and the one my Dad made us when we were kids. It was under the house, there was a green wooden door to get in and it was always really dark and cold. Dad had installed lights in there (he was a Sparky- our dolls house had lights too) and just as you walked in there was a big post jutting out that was covered in foam and a piece of psychedelic fabric so we wouldn't hit our heads. We had a little chair and table and a chalkboard and we were allowed to write and draw the walls with chalk. We had a rug to roll out so we could sit on the floor, all my friends loved it and so did we. It was great.

I think children need there own little space to play. We are looking at various things to build/ buy for Busy for outside like a Tipi or a tree house or some other permanent fixture.

But we can't decide? what did you have when you were a child? What do you have for your children now?
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Chef is making lasagne and salad for dinner. its cold and raining- need comfort food.


  1. Did you see these treehouses on Apartment Therapy? They are AMAZING!

    I used to love making pillow fortresses when I was little, it drove my parents mad though!

  2. Oh i love both of these you have on here. Growing up we had a tree house two stories, it rocked. We have a mansion style thing in the yard for my babies and they do just love it. Take a look on my blog i have photographed it in full detail there and it is a whole lot of fun. But i do love the tree house

  3. I LOVED my cubby house as a kid... my dad is a builder by trade so built my siblings and I a mini house basically. My family plan to buy a house some time this year and a spot in the backyard for a cubby house is high on the NEED list. I'd love to find an old original Gypsy Wagon and have that for my kids cubby house - how cool would that be!?!
    You've inspired me to blog about cubbies now... I'll let you know when I'm done!

  4. Oh these are all so dreamy.

    When we were small, we'd play at my grandparents, and we'd build these AWESOME cubby houses (teepee style) out of sticks. It was right near a creek, we'd collect water smoothes rocks and make 'camp fires' out of them. I love thinking back to those times. It still makes me feel so happy!

  5. Told you I'd post about them - Thanks again for the trip down memory lane.

  6. I used to dream of living in a tree house like the swiss family robinson

  7. Thanks for the link to this page these pics are awesome.
    Like- minded north coast gals we love our trees.


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