Thursday, April 23, 2009

New things to see

I have been busy loading up my Made it shop as I had my first sale the other day- after only a couple of weeks which was great. Some skull and crossbones fisherman pants sent to Brisbane on Tuesday. Here are some other goodies:

Speaking of sales the Wabbits went really well over Easter and they did cause quite a stir in the window- as Chef said "there were heaps of people out the front looking at them and pointing". (He was unable to give me exact quotes) I got some other lovely emails and texts and phonecalls from friends saying they had seen them and couldn't get over how great they looked plus a few people who I kind of know bought one not knowing I had made them and were very excited to find out I did. Yay! I don't have the final tally number yet as they are still in store but I am pretty sure I sold at least half- Woo hoo!!!

This is Lex. I made him last week as -bizarrely- I missed making them- I know 30 just wasn't enough!!! To read his story go here


  1. Oooh congrats on your successful sales!

  2. Lex is so cool! Yay for selling lots!

  3. I love your softies and blog! I have a softie giveaway at the mo you are welcome to join in on:

  4. I love Lex. Congrats on your Made It store!


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