Wednesday, September 09, 2009

bribery and corruption

I made this skirt for Busy today. She has started screaming blue murder when we drop her at daycare. This is new to us- she has back molars coming down too which is not helping. I told her I would make her something pretty if she didn't make a fuss. Is that wrong? It breaks my heart leaving her screaming.

She did make a fuss but she wasn't too bad. ( yes she stopped crying before I had even got back to my car) So I came home and sewed. She loved it!

If you feel like making a skirt there are some great tutorials here and here and here and here and a very twirly skirt here and another twirly one here.

All I did though was cut a whole load of scraps pieces into strips and sew them together then hem and put elastic through the top. I just got the size from another skirt she has.


  1. oh thanks for all those links I have some perfect new fabric here that wants to be a skirt ...I think.

  2. Too cute! Well, she certainly looks happy enough in that pic. The skirt must be some kind of magic ;)

    It's beautiful.

  3. I was blogging with someone about this recently. Rather than see it as bribery, see it as a reward for making good decisions. We tend to be scard as parents of bribing our kids but it is a reality of life that there are rewards for doing the right thing... not always, but sometimes. So doing this with our kids is OK... I reckon.

  4. Love the skirt - looks gorgeous and thank you for the links, I am hoping to overcome my sewing machine fears soon and projects like these are a great way to start.


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