Saturday, September 05, 2009


great undies from smallthreads

There is something about the word panties that makes my skin crawl...
I was recently at the Doctors about to have that every other year "Lady Examination" you know the one we all dread - but when you do have it your realise it wasn't that bad and then you get to feel awfully (here I digress for a moment -I am reading a book written about posh English people at the moment and I have started using expression like " its awfully good" - do you do that when you are reading a book you get absorbed into the language of it??) grown up and pious because you have got it over with.
So my lovely doctor, who I saw when pregnant, so no secrets between us - asked if a student could perform the examination "Sure knock yourself out " I said to the student- who just about died of shock.( I did think to myself I cannot believe I just said that!!!) (But as anyone who has had a baby knows you tend to be a little less anxious about the Lady Examination after giving birth). So the student doctor says to me "I just need you to take your panties off and pop up on the table"

Wooooaaaaaah Nellie.
Hold it right there.

So I just look at him, pause... hesitate .. clear throat and begin "Ahem...You see the thing is women don't like it when men say the word panties... I know it seems like a small thing but it really makes my skin crawl and I think its important that I tell you this now. Sorry. Perhaps you could say just say...." and then my mind went blank... take off your knickers - no sounds a bit weird coming from a doctor? take off your undies- to informal- your smalls? - a bit old fashioned.... then my doctor piped in and said " just undress from the waist down. " Nice.
The lovely student doctor was laughing nervously and he said "Do women really not like that term?"- I said "Well I know I don't..." but is it just me???


  1. chuckle...I don't mind the term at all...but not from a doctor...tres unprofessional darling (reading how to be french book here)...

  2. Just let me pick myself up off the floor... I laughed so hard I nearly had to get a new pair of panties myself! what a crack up! I just popped over from myrtle and eunice after reading your comment there ... had to come and see for myself. I'll definitely be back!

  3. That is a FANTASTIC story. As I read, I just knew the student doctor was going to say "panties" but I thought you would just be horrifed... not call him on it! You made me laugh and for what it's worth, I bet he tells the story of the lady who hates the word "panties" for many many years!

  4. Well said! I think it was awfully good of you to let the student doctor know, I certainly would not feel comfortable with a male doctor making such a request.

    Can't wait to see your noticeboard :)

  5. Haha. Well... In New Zealand at least panties isn't a real common word, people usually say knickers or undies (underwear/underpants if they are trying to be polite), but my ex-boyfriend used to say panties for some reason I never knew, and it made my skin crawl every time, and I just have no idea at all why! So there you have it.

  6. Oh dear ... I would have run screaming from the room. I detest the word. I hope he didn't ask you to do remove your boulder holders for the breast exam too.

    (Ooops sorry ... methinks I might have crossed a line!)

  7. Giggle Giggle Giggle.
    Funny Story
    The student doctor will also have a funny story to tell :)

  8. lol...that's hysterical...pantie, I don't think I've heard anyone say that since perhaps secondary school?
    I don't mind it but prefer Underwear from a professional like a doctor? no?
    Thanks for visiting our World...
    Sleep well!

  9. LOL!
    Oh I totally agree... that word (I can't even type it) makes me feel sick. Eeeewww!
    Good on you for telling him too.

  10. ROFL ... I don't think its just you.

  11. This reminds me of my mother growing up! We were not allowed to say knickers (my mother said it was uncouth & unladylike) so we had to say pants. I still say pants and never knickers ;)

    Incidentally since you are reading a book about English posh people...I grew up with etiquette classes and finishing schools so my Mum comes from this view (I am not sure I do anymore though!), also is awfully good unusual to say there? I say it all the time!

  12. Awfully good post.
    'Panties' is not professional at all! It sounds 'pervy'.

  13. so cute! i went to your shop and did not see them :(

  14. Finally!!! Someone who thinks the same as me. I want to throw up at the word 'panties'. When I tell anyone about my dislike of this word, I get a blank look. Thank you for making my day....making me feel slightly normal.


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