Saturday, February 20, 2010

I need your opinion

Hello friends,
I need your valuable opinion.
I want to change my byline from funky threads and cool things for small people to something that reflects my committment to reducing landfill - by upcycling old clothes or using organic cottons.  So over in the top right hand corner is a poll with some ideas I have and some from Val who does all my graphics for me for a new tag line. What do you think?
Please vote or if you can come up with something I like even more which I decide to use - I will send you some of this:
( it will be organic!)


  1. I went for kind to the earth softies, as I think it rolls of the tongue more easily than the others!

  2. have got my thinking hat on....hmmmm

  3. I like the first one, but I also think you could go for something similar to your current, along the lines of:

    funky threads and ecofriendly goodies for small people


  4. Good luck, do like the '. . . one softie at a time' that's cute. Eco friendly covers a lot of bases & is nicer than 'environmentally friendly' which is quite the mouthful. When you say upcycled, reused, recycled & refashioned, you have to be careful of mummies who might think "OMG, that fabric came from a dead person" just to be really harsh, but it's baby rattles we're talking, people can get obsessive - look at sterilising bottles.
    Like i said in the beginning, good luck!! Love Posie

  5. How about 'Kid friendly, earth friendly'? Penny's suggestion about keeping 'for small people' sounds pretty good too.

  6. bit early in the day, no coffee yet...but I was thinking...'organic threads make greener softies'

    I've been thinking to do the same.
    Using organic linen. But the price!
    Organic cotton might be a better alternative but I can't find an outlet her in Tasmania. Hemp would be cool too.

  7. Great idea...I agree with Posie, 'eco friendly' is a great buzz word that rolls easily off your tongue too...good luck!

  8. how could i resist the lure of some organic teaser you!
    I went for Kind to the Earth Softies.
    It's simple, gets your message across
    and BEST of all it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.

    good luck!

  9. 'kind to the earth softies', and it may be nice to add something about it being kind to kids too. Perhaps:
    'Earth(ie/ly) Softies', kind to kids & kind to the earth'.

    Best wishes with your new tag line : )
    I have the most devine supplier of organic, fair trade grown, free of palm oil, made with coconut - sugar free, dairy free. My goodness it is awesome:)Yours looks very nice.

  10. Oh I like Ping's suggestion "Kid Friendly, Earth Friendly" or even "For kids & the future of their planet"?

    Good luck sweets, it's a hard one!

  11. Ps, I think "Softies; Kind to the earth" rolls off the tongue nicer than "Kind to the earth softies" or is that just me?

  12. eco softies/green softies/earth friendly/ naturally earth friendly/green living softies

  13. oh,..just thought of a new one -


  14. I like Pings suggestion too. So can I vote for that?

  15. I like the first one, "green" being such a buzz word right now, and also because it rolls off my tongue the best.

  16. I have got no idea...I'm a little confused and I think there are to many options. Sorry...You'll have to go with your own instincts on this one!!! x

  17. I like Earth Friendly, Kid friendly, nice and simple, easy to remember. I have selected you for a beautiful blogger award. See this post to play along :)

  18. OR: how about actually involving the child in the cause like, "Helping small people save the earth, one softie at a time"... maybe not that but something along those lines? Just a thought.

  19. I have voted (for the third one) but none of them really scream out at me. I think I like the Penny and Ping suggestions better? Good luck making a decision!

    And congrats on the independantly sleeping girl (who loves you more than all the curtains in the world!!).

  20. What about something like "soft on the planet, soft for the kids"....????

  21. or earth friendly softies for kids...????

  22. 'the planet will thank you'
    'as chosen by mother earth'
    'tree hugging softies'???
    havent had nearly enough (fair trade organic)coffee this morning xx

  23. How about simply 'Eco Friendly Softies'?
    ...I also love Luisa's 'Tread Softly Softies'! Hehe!!

  24. i'm trying to think of one that doesn't sound like a dishwashing liquid ad...hmmm


what a nice person you are- taking the time to comment in this busy hectic world...Thank you!!