Friday, February 19, 2010

The appliances are turning against us

This has happened to us before... everything is going along swimmingly , we have just spent a large sum of money and slowy one by one things start breaking...

1. ride-on lawn mower, refusing to budge.

2. chainsaw- refusing to start

3. brushcutter- having threading issues with the cord stuff that goes in it so yep, you guessed it refusing to start...

4. Chefs car- needs a new radiator- ( costing $800 due to the rarity of his car- don't ask me what kind of car it is - its a red fourwheel drive that is at least 20 years old maybe its a landrover??? ) sorry let me revise this the head has blown and its going to cost $2000!!!

5. serious blockage in the kitchen sink- requires plunger use.

6. serious blockage in the bathroom sink .... one suspects a certain small someone of shoving something down there during one of her " I need to wash me sticky hands" moments or " I am very hot I need to wet my hair and make it beautiful like mummies" moments( this means she wets it and brushes it forward to make a fringe like mummies- I was in no way, referring to myself as having beautiful hair)

It's like they all conspired together- particulalry those outdoor tools, they do all hang out in the shed together,  perhaps they had a meeting?

Rideon mower: " they have really been spending a lot of time inside lately"
Chainsaw: " Yes I have noticed this too"
Brushcutter:  " yeah, I am not feeling the love"
Rideon: " I say we strike! that will teach them so spend so much time with that new sander"
Chainsaw : " I am SO in!"
Brushcutter:  "we'll show them"

 does this happen to other people?? ( not, do you imagine your tools getting together and talking in the shed, I mean do things all break at the same time? 


  1. OOOO yes they do! My lot were the kitchen gadgets, kettle, toaster, heater, dishwasher, washing machine but then it kind of flowed on to the cars. Both at the same time! This was last year dark days indeed.
    Iv'e also wondered about the nocturnal antics of coat hangers...I think there's hanky panky afoot how do they get so tangled and then seem to grow in number...I'm suspicious.

  2. Yes!! The toilet was playing up, the rangehood died a slow death and now that they are all fixed the dryer has gone on the fritz. Just blowing air, no actual warmth - which is fine (cuz I hang out stuff on the line) but Autumn IS coming, so I will need it soon. Plus I think my oven is haunted. And not by a good cooking spirit that makes my dishes turn out perfectly, but by a mischievous entity that turns the oven on at random times (can't blame the kids for it, cuz it happens when they are at school and I'm on my own - weird!)...

  3. Yes, and I do think they get together and plan it !

  4. ohhh noo, definite planning happening in that shed!
    my little one washes his hands all the time & each time with half a bottle of soap, so we get an overflow of suds EVERYWHERE!

    i like how you have no idea what the car is. i don't normally pay attention to car makes either, unless it was in our driveway that is ;)
    goodluck with it all.

  5. They usually wait till I have money saved then they plot aginst me.

  6. Ooooooooooooo Yes!!!! Just bought the new lawnmower yesterday it was about 17 years old, so the fridge, fingers crossed, and the freezer. The car was replaced last year, the thread bare couch replaced with the car. It just goes on and on.

  7. Yes it always comes in groups and I have no doubt at all in my mind that it is a conspiracy of appliances - they all get together like trade unionists - toaster says - I'll go on Monday, you dishwasher, you do Tuesday and you toilet, you can go on Wednesday.

    Its a neverending saga. xoxo

  8. Yes I can relate! Not so long ago it was the washing machine, the vaccuum cleaner and the TV. Now it is the tooth, the tonsils and the hip....whoops I don't think they count!

  9. oh you poor thing, I hate it when the appliances gang up, the hide of them! If need me, I've got a connection in the plumbing world who loves a barter...laughs! At least the sewing machine isn't in the same union :)

  10. Geez, these high maintainence appliances, they should be happy with a wee nudge and tickle occasionally and get over it! Phew, what a long list o household disasters, perhaps its a federal strike as my fridge has hummed its last today too.

  11. Yeeessss!! Right now, the microwave and the tv are threatening to blow up, the washing machine is on it's last legs, and the old car is seriously contemplating car heaven. We should start replacing them now, one by one so we can actually afford it, but we're on a tight budget this month so we're just hoping they last a few more weeks!!! It's definitely a conspiracy.


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