Friday, April 23, 2010

transporting to another time and place

Earlier this week I got a special something in the post. Tinniegirl had blogged about going to see the Pixies. I vaguely knew they were touring, but as i wouldn't be going as I doubted they would be stopping off on the Mid North Coast - it was one of those hear- it- on- the- radio- put- fingers- in- ears- and- sing- dadadadadaad- to -self -until- the- subject- has- been -changed. Just seeing the name in print took me back to a far away place... I immediately knew that I had absolutely no music of theres as that dodgy boyfriend you know the one we all had in our twenties ( well maybe not everyone else, maybe just me, the one you think about and think thank god I didn't breed with him! I stupidly let him back inside the house for the last of his things -that I didn't throw over the balcony of the top story of my then rented terrace in Petersham -when I decided one night very late, that enough was enough) I KNOW he stole my Doolittle CD I know he did....

Anyway so Tinniegirl sent me a copy of Doolittle and I finally got to listen to it yesterday as Busy was not in the car and I could finally turn off the Merrily Merrily CD and it was an experience I have not had for a long time....

From the opening chords of Debaser I was immediately transported to another time and place- as all these memories came flooding back...

I am 17 years old and my boyfriend at the time had given me his old bass guitar ( let's be clear I cannot play bass guitar at all or guitar at all I just know a very small amount of cords that I play very badly that I learnt from boyfriends past who were muso's) and amp and we had his guitar set up with his amp and he had worked our the chords for Debaser ( pre internet when you had to actually work these things out for yourself - you couldn't just google them?!!)
... and he was teaching them to me and he got so excited when I got it ( it was not very hard if you know the song) and driving around in his big old Holden with the Pixies blaring and all of us singing loudly and laughing and screaming and remembering all these friends from that time- one who sadly left this earth a few years ago, too beautiful and too young...and I wonder what he would be like now, all grown up.... and then listening to the Pixies on repeat on my CD player for about a week album after album when I broke up with the guitar playing boyfriend...and there I was driving in my car, older, wiser, singing loudly as all the words came flooding back to me.... it gave me goosebumps and tingles and butterflies and tears all at once. Thanks Tinniegirl.
 So what music transports you? where to?


  1. Good Gravy! Just thinking about the Pixies takes me to a similar other lifetime, terrible and fantastic!

    Jane's Addiction popped into my mind just now, reminded me of riding on the back of a motorcycle on the San Francisco Freeway heading north and singing "Jane Says" at the top of our lungs. he he...

    Thanks for the flash back, I think I might wait till all the cottage dwellers fall asleep and pull out some Pixies, Old Talking Heads, Hüsker Dü and whatever old vinyl I have and have a listen and a sing along.

  2. I love how music does that. Its REM and Madness for me, take me right back to the teenage years.

  3. Oh my godmother! I'm 18 years old and bricking it about getting into the only decent Indie Music club in Essex (I still look young for my age at 33!). Dancing to Debaser or Here Comes Your Man... right where's my DMs?

  4. that is so cool of Tinniegirl to send you that CD!! i just love her =-)

    i have to say that listening to the GO-Go's "Our Lips Are Sealed" takes me back to my high school days; i used to say i wanted to be Jane Wiedlin when i grew up!! ;)

  5. So glad you are enjoying being reunited with the Pixies.

    Spiderbait and The Gurge are the ones that take me back to wonderful places.


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