Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh Come with us and gallop....

So Busy's preschool had a working bee on Sunday, we went along and I decided I would make 9 metres of bunting for the Spring Fair and fix the sad and sorry excuse they had for hobby horses.

Possible a little over ambitious.

My lovely pregnant friend who was helping outside with the gardening turned green over the smell of the compost and came inside to help with the bunting. We left a few hours later and I spent the rest of Sunday making the horses. And here- in lies the problem.

Whenever I try to make a specific animal it never looks like that animal- you may have noticed all my softies are "creatures" with the exception of a very simple fox and my rabbit- as I have been down this road before... Busys thinks they are amazing and I took them into preschool and they were met with much excitement- children can be so forgiving... they have manes- so I guess they look like horses...I think the blue one looks like a seahorse!
But I really like helping at her preschool, I am on the management committee and I like being part of it, it is community based and not for profit...
I was wondering how much pro bono do you do? Heaps I reckon. I reckon you lot are always making stuff for the school fete, fundraisers etc etc? On the school committee etc? Am I right?
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  1. Cath - I love love love these! How do you make them, can you give a brief description because I'd love to make one for Melli?! I could make the head-shape ok (I think!) but how did you attach them to the poles so they don't wobble off?

    re: pro-bono, that's one of things I love most about community-based schools, that parent's involvment is part of the deal. I miss that with my soon-to-be 14yr-old being in a public high-school now.

    Since the baby arrived I've been way less involved in Miss 3's pre-school than I'd like, but usually I love helping out with schools' gardens and crafting etc.


  2. Oooh, the horses are awesome! Cohen's great aunt has recently brought him a horsie like these to play with at her house. He took one look at it and burst into tears! After 10 minutes he was happily playing with it though.

    He's not yet at kindy or school, but I do remember my mother helped out a lot when we were.


  3. Your horses certainly look like horses... loads better than the ikea thing we have hanging around our house.

    As for helping out. I'm scaling things back. Last year I was on the management committee for a large community centre, two play groups and a toy library. It was ridiculous.

    I love helping out and I'm really passionate about community and community development type projects. I'm ambivalent too. Much of the 'volunteer' roles in our community are taken up by women. John Howard really pushed policies that saw local communities need to meet its own needs and the result of this was many women now take up important roles - such as caring for the elderly and running pre-schools - without any financial reimbursement or recognition. But what would the cost be to the society at large, to the Commonwealth, if these community based roles were not filled? I put to you that the cost would be high.

  4. Love the horses! The blue one does look a little like a sea-horse, I like that!
    I have recently been making papier mache giant's heads for my girls school concert. Time consuming indeed but lots of fun. My girls loved that they got to help out and that I was at their school more than usual.

  5. I love them! And I love the fact that you made so many of them - you're a legend. Lucky kinder kids!

    I do a fair bit of pro bono work for our kindergarten. I'm the treasurer and help with stuff like working bees and am in the process of doing a bit of sewing. But I reckon its worth every minute I put in. I think kinders are quite poorly funded!

  6. Oh, they're gorgeous! I like that each has its own personality. The face of a soft toy is its most important feature, I think - expressionless toy animals can be a big vacant and creepy, whereas these horses just invite you to start making up stories about them. Good on you for getting involved and making things for your preschool.

  7. I think you did a fantastic job !

  8. what you mean!? Totally horse all the way. And gorgeous to boot at that xo
    Ps I've been struggling with a Panda that I feel is like a poodle.

  9. You have done a great job!..I always worked at the local school when my 2 were's a Great Feeling & the little ones are very appreciative of our efforts.Keep up the Good Work.

  10. I love the horses - who says they need to be all "realistic". Great work. I look forward to being more involved next year in the community kindergarten, daycares can be very parent unfriendly (will mine is not that good at inclusion anyway). I was just making bunting too and managed 6 metres, it was quite a big job! I kept saying to my son: "Mummy will be with you when I have finished this seam." and then there was a lot of "come oooooon"ing because the seam was waaaaay long. Haha!

  11. Oh, I love the horses, Pony Girl would too! What a clever maker you are!
    Yes, as mums we do give much of our time and talent to the cause. It is a good feeling if we can remember to keep some kind of balance in it all.

  12. I don't do as much at school as I used to when my kids were younger and their teachers needed more help in the classroom. But I do still go to p&c meetings, make things for cake and craft stalls, attend sports days when I can, and help out at functions. According to our principal, studies have shown that kids whose parents are actively involved in the school community do better at school. So it's a really worthwhile thing to do.

  13. These a incredibly cute and fab !


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