Saturday, April 16, 2011

grateful: babies

I am grateful that two of my mates had baby girls this week- bizarrely both at the same time- but about 600km apart. I am grateful that these babies were born happy and  healthy into loving homes where they will be cared for and loved hugely.

I am grateful the mums and dads are excited about their new babies.
I am grateful I could find time to make a present for one of the babies the other day.
I am grateful that my friend won't mind the wonk factor of the little quilt I made (above, as opposed to the other wonky one I made last week)  especially for the sling she will be carried in for at least the first few months.

More grateful here at maxabellas place.

What do you make for new babies? Any more ideas?


  1. Hmm, all of the new babies in my life get something handmade, but it is always different. For the Mom's that I know will not handwash anything, a quilt. For the Mom's that might handwash something if they think that it is special, a handknit sweater and booties combo in a cotton yarn. And for the Mom's that I know will appreciate every stitch, an heirloom quality handknit sweater and booties set in very soft wool.

  2. What a lovely assortment of handmade goodies. I've done appliqued one pieces and a quilt previously. Baby sewing is so much fun :)

  3. Such cuteness!
    I always make bibs and flannel wraps - quick and easy gift.

  4. Nothing like making for a new baby. I have every confidence that new Mums are more than happy to embrace the (lovely) quilt wonk.

  5. Naaaaaaaw... sweetness! I haven't had to make anything for any other babies except my own so I'm no help!

  6. Lovely handmade gifts...that are sure to be treasured.
    I love making gifts for new bubs too :)
    Popping over from Maxabella's

  7. Beautiful things to be grateful for!

    If I know the mum well, I often make my "kimono crane mobiles" - origami cranes made from vintage kimono fabric and embroidered with "Love" and "Joy" on their wings.

  8. oh yes I find it very easy to be grateful for babies too! congrates to your friends!

  9. What a lovely little parcel. I love the fabric you have used for the quilt! Handmade gifts are the greatest.

  10. Cute cute cute! Yay for your friends! I can't help but crochet a granny blanket for new little ones. It seems to be my go-to project. I'm thinking I need to try my hand at sewing some of those cute reversible 'shoes' in Pip's book too. When Cohen was born we were gifted a handmade zippered 'wet bag' for wipes, with a matching change mat, which was terry toweling one side and cute fabric on the other. Very handy for the car. And when they're a bit older there is bibs. :)

  11. Oh I agree! what a beautiful little handmade package.So exciting when a new baby arrives (as long as it is not for me anymore!! lol)
    Have a great week Cath
    Sandrine x

  12. A gorgeous gift indeed. Love your rattles.
    Lots of babies being born around here too.
    I make em beanies, bloomers and dresses, little tops, apliqued onesies or if I have no time I buy books.
    I hope your week is such a happy one Cath. X

  13. Wow what gorgeous presents! And lovely reasons to be grateful. Visiting you from Maxabella's place *waves*

  14. Ah, sweet babies. Welcome to the world. Look how lucky you are going to be in life (well, you're already the lucky owners of a Chunky Chooky rattle which I just love!!) x


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