Monday, April 18, 2011

Quilting part 2.

What I loved most about that quilt Kirsty made was those sewn lines running down the quilt. "That should't be too hard" I thought to myself. Well. It was. Trying to keep it from puckering caused a few moments of tears- there is some puckering and little folds on the back on it where I failed to smooth it out properly. I really pinned and pinned and pinned it together but I tend to go like a bull at a gate when sewing sometimes  and well... you should have seen the ends. No one did. Except me. I covered the disaster on with a little bit of red corduroy as it, if I am being honest, really did look like a dogs breakfast. Now you can't see it and I am pretty happy. Those lines I thought would be quite easy to sew ( felt like) they took me all day.

It is probably about cot size but honestly I felt like it took me so long there is no way I am giving it away to one of the new babies around these parts.
But I like the texture of it even though the little lines took a long time I would do it again. My  next challenge is to make a patchwork wonky quilt like before AND stitch all the lines over it.
What do you think I did wrong with the puckering?? Any advice?


  1. Did you start from the centre and work out to one side, then back to the centre and out to the other side? Or it could be a pedal to the metal issue. Course, I ain't no expert. ASK THE EXPERTS! (from where I'm sitting it looks GORGEOUS).

  2. I'm with Tania, start at the middle and work out. I don't have a fancy foot or any fancy quilting machine but this little trick works a TREAT!

  3. Hey Cath - I think it looks SO GOOD! I can think of a few reasons.

    Did you prewash fabrics - some fabrics need washing before you sew or when you do wash they then pucker - but I dont think you washed it yet

    second did you iron both top and bottom fabrics before you pinned together?

    BEfore pinning I put the bottom fabric on the floor and tape it down with masking tape - not tight just well flat - then put the wadding down and tape it down and then the top fabric and tape that down so I KNOW it is all FLAT before I pin or baste.

    Then like Tania said pin/baste from middle out.

    Then sew starting from middle then out. As in middle of quilt sew from tp to bottom and work out.

    Then did you sew from one end to the other then sewed from that end back down? If you sewed from one one to the other only that puckers as well.

    Sometimes no matter how careful with measuring etc we still end up with a quilt top that seems to splay one side - ie one side is longer than the other. Kinda hard to avoid puckering that side to keep the lines happening...

    That is all I can think of...

    BUT breath a sigh of relief you covered it!!!! no one knows (evil smile).

  4. Is there nothing you can't do? It's lovely, Cath...

  5. I have no advice - i'm getting advice through you!

    It is gorgeous - i love the sewn lines going through too!

  6. I think that it looks great. And a little puckering adds to the charm. You don't want handmade to be too perfect. Great job and welcome to the addiction that is quilting.

  7. yes, center to edge. that way, if there are going to be puckers, you run them down to the edge where you can hide them easily with the binding. i love it!! brilliant !

  8. I'm no help, except to say it looks MAGNIFICENT!!!!!! really really xo

  9. I have no advice (but am appreciating learning a bit from others who do!) but I do have appreciation - it looks lovely (and the thick edging is a great solution!)

  10. looks fabulous. i'm with you on the time spent on some creations making you not want to part with them!

    great to read all the tips too. thanx everyone.

  11. I think your quilt is gorgeous and can appreciate the time you spent doing the lines.

    Great to read other commenters tips as I am half way through my first quilt :)

  12. Know nothing about quilt construction, but that one is gorgeous. Love the fabric.

  13. wow..gorgeous from this angle anyway, Cath.
    I have that wonderland fabric in a jelly roll! i love it...AND tonight i started a quilt top (first one in 14 years) .... truly ruly...but in a different fabric.
    i can see an addiction starting....

  14. I have no I am not a quilter...
    BUT it looks FABULOUS!!!!
    Happy Monday!

  15. i also have no advice but before i even read the text i was completely drawn to the lines on that quilt! my my it looks wonderful, and red was the perfect choice for that trim!

    I'm working on a quilt in the same size for my little lady (out of a vintage table cloth) and have had the same problems with puckering etc. Sarah, you are fabulous, that advice is a golden egg. I'm going to copy it to a word file and save it (there is probably a cooler way, right?)

    i love blogs, this makes me happy!

  16. It's VERY gorgeous!!!
    Did you use a walking foot on your machine?
    Andi xx

  17. Adorable quilt! I love it... a Walking Foot is what you need for your machine. Most all machines have them, it has teeth on the foot that help pull the fabric from the top whilst the fabric on the bottom is pulled by the teeth in the machine! Also, just get some spray baste, it works excellent for smaller quilts, and some bigger quilts! Things don't shift like they do with pins, just use in a well ventilated room. Lastly get some sewing gloves. They are called maninagers. But you can make them from a pair of $1 gloves and some puff paint, just make squiggly lines all down the fingers. This will help you grab the fabric.
    Happy quilting.

  18. Oh and if you don't prewash it will give your quilts an instant AGE once it's quilted and then given it's first wash. I LOVE doing this, and it's a huge time saver. Depends on your personal style... I prefer the aging it gives quilts to NOT prewash! YUM

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