Tuesday, June 28, 2011


You know how on the news they fill the gap after the weather with a cute animal story? ( plus now I will have an easy way of showing Busy these pictures I showed her once and she is obsessed with) Here is my version.
I am having a small blog break... not sure how long for.... maybe only a few days but wanted to say I may not visit for a little while.
Cushion crazy. I am not complaining at all, it is great, but it has all been so quick. Please don't tell me "be careful what you wish for", I keep saying it to myself as does everyone else and it is making me feel like I am not allowed to feel a little overwhelmed. Which I do. Just a tiny bit. Maybe more.
Did I also mention we are renovating and Chef is helping the builders, and Busy has been sick with colds, ear infections and , my personal favourite, gastro for the last five weeks?  
See you soon.


  1. Right.

    Deep breath. One foot in front of the other. (Repeat 'til you're out the other side).


  2. Yeah, what Tania said.
    I'll think good thoughts and blow them to you on the breeze.

  3. I am with Tania and Lola... just do what you have to and ensure you get to stop as well.

    Life can do this to us... we just take it as it comes hey...

  4. Alright then! We'll see you on the sunny side of your empty 'outbox'!

  5. I think you have every right to feel a bit ( or a lot ) overwhelmed.
    I sort of know the feeling, I have felt this a bit with a combo of orders and the exhibition stuff, I have felt the same ( and that weird guilt)
    I hope you can allow yourself to feel it, and that when you come back, you're feeling a little calmer and more on top of it all.
    And poor Busy, I hope she gets better soon.
    take care missy xo
    PS I will miss you.

  6. One day at a time, Cath. YOu will come out the other side. I am so glad for the positive things keeping you busy. Sorry to hear about the lurgies though. Hope you have a chance to have some decent r and r in your time away.

  7. Sounds like "Cabin 4" to me! Cabin 4 is what our family say when things happen at the wrong time - renovating and sick kids means you are bound to have massive amounts of cushion orders because you are probably struggling to find enough hours in the day. But you'll get through - it's just not the timing you would have chosen!!

    So bloody Cabin 4 - enjoy the ride!!

  8. big hugs & keep on smiling ♥

  9. I knew I should have ordered that New Guinea cushion a couple of weeks ago when you weren't quite so famous! I will leave it another couple of weeks now and maybe you will have time for it. All the best with those orders.

  10. Guess I got in while the gettin' was good. Cath was generous enough to share some of her time with me for this interview:


  11. Look after yourself my friend.

  12. Thinking of you, and your family, and your cushions, and hope you get a smoother run soon.
    special get well thoughts for Busy xx

  13. Make a list baby! It's all about the list. You will get through it. This is awesome! Very exciting. Bravo you. Testament to all your hardwork and brilliant ideas. May it continue (at the pace you desire). x

  14. Just take one day at a time.
    Everything will be ok.

  15. 5 weeks?! Poor little chicken! : ( Hope she's on the up and up real soon.

    It's so OK to feel overwhelmed, I think it's necessary and healthy. It's part of our emotional compass. So don't worry about that. All the best for getting it all done.

    ps. at least when you're busy making cushions fainting due to overexertion wont get you concussion. : ) There's always a bright side.
    xx Alisa

  16. I agree with Lexi. lists always calm me down. feel free to break all tasks into several pieces so you can tick boxes at the slightest hint of progress. and tea. lots of tea.
    good luck!

    ps. cute animals make me smile. thankyou!

    Pepper x

  17. So happy for the success of your cushions, Cath. Hope it all goes well + see you when you get back :) Kx

  18. Look after yourself and maybe think about some out-sourcing?

  19. It never rains but it pours. But good too - to be so very clever and in demand-ish.


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