Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Noticing the flood

I noticed over the last few days of being flooded in, the house feels like it is shrinking by the hour
  • I noticed that at some point we all loose it over nothing and can get cranky.
  • I noticed that Chef , when bored, cooks carbs.
  • I noticed I cannot stop eating ( carbs) when I am flooded in.
  • I noticed that at least 5 times a day Chef or I will exclaim "STOP RAINING"
  • I noticed this starts as soon as our water tank is full (it was full three day ago)
  • I noticed that I feel like smoking when it rains. (I gave up 7 years ago)
  • I noticed that I sigh a lot and stare out the window
  • I noticed that we don't have a clothes dryer and wish we had one we could use a few times a year
  • I noticed that I let Busy eat loads of food I wouldn't normally let her eat.
  • I noticed that as soon as it stops raining Busy and I jump into our gum boots and go for a walk with Zac and it is so nice to be outside in the sun until it starts raining again.
  • I noticed Busy watches a lot of TV when we are flooded in.
  • I noticed there seems to be a lot more ( of Chefs) empty beer bottles when it floods.
  • I noticed that our gutters need cleaning out
  • I noticed we don't have a dry place to store firewood near the house

But the thing I notice the most, in fact more than anything, is that it absolutely SUCKS having an outside toilet when the rain is torrential. It really does.

What have you noticed today?


  1. i notice alot of those things during winter..maybe not the beer bottles, I am more an apple cider kind of girl.

    i hope you are less cranky & you get to hang out & smile with Busy some more.
    ABC2 is on here when I bake...resistance is futile..♥

  2. Being cooped in is awful!!! Rain + outside loo ... not so nice. But hey - on those beautiful sunny days - oh so glorious!

    What have I noticed today??? That I've lost all concept of time - my mind is a fuzzy vague zone.

  3. On rainy days I notice the leaking gutters and the crack in our water tank! And as long as the power doesn't go off again the kids have free reign on the t.v (pardon the pun).

  4. Luckily we're not flooding i little adelaide, but I have noticed a direct correlation between how cold it is and how grumpy I am. Today I've also noticed that I don't cope well with split shifts at work! Sending you a whole lot of "man the outside toilet thing sucks in floods" love xx

  5. I haven't noticed a lot today as I am wandering around in a sleep-deprived, caffeine-spiked haze but the sun is shining brightly and it is a glorious winter day here. Haven't had rain for well over a week. I will however go forth and
    appreciate my indoor loo for the foreseeable future.

  6. These are (just about) all familiar rain themes... hope it stops for you soon Cath. I'm really appreciating our indoor toilet now ;) Kx

  7. Ahh I feel your pain!! We are flooded in today and going a little stir crazy! So glad I stocked up on DVDs when the forecasts first came through. Hope it lets up soon! x

  8. Hi Cath :) just stumbled on this blog...
    love this post, it is so relevant, I've bee trapped inside from the floods as well, in bellingen for what feels like forever!
    I literally feel like I have been inside the house for months! long weekend with the rain then flooding keeping me from going to work.
    I went out and took some photos today though... of the river finally lowering so I could go across to town and buy some nice coffee :)
    chek them out here:
    cheers :)
    Josh from bello.

  9. I noticed that you didn't say whether you are up high or near the floods, but I hope you are safe from them!
    I also noticed you have a dog and we noticed during the rain here it is very hard to keep the dog(s) dry and smelling nice!
    I hope the rains stops very soon for you.

  10. I have noticed that time is speeding away from me, that ten year old girls can talk more than anyone else on the planet, that seven year olds constantly hurt themselves and three year olds sing about what they see. I have noticed that I think I can cope better with cold than with wet, that I am stupidly excited about my new stamp, that the moon is amazing tonight and that a joey sticking its head out of it's mama's pouch is exciting no matter how many times you've seen it.

  11. also that it is scary how much Zac looks like Pixie did.

  12. I've noticed that cold Melbourne nights are even colder when the heater's broken! (but considering that I don't get wet going to the toilet, I'm going to just climb under a blanket and stop complaining). I hope the rain stops soon xo
    (oh, and the moon IS amazing tonight... oh, and little ringtail possums are gorgeous, even though the particular one I met today has very poor road sense - I really hope he/she stayed in the tree we chased it into)

  13. I noticed your fab cushions on the cover of July Real Living, great to see and congratulations.

  14. I noticed that this week we went for a wee little break just to calm down and relax after what has been a pretty trying start to the year... only to be caught in our third flood for 2011. Bless. At least we know the drill now. I am glad to hear you are all safe and well. And yes, I agree, outside loos and floods are no fun. Especially when the loo floods.


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